Life, Loves and… Sigh


Some weeks are fine, some weeks you are glad to be done with, and then some weeks you feel like you failed at every opportunity.

::LIFE:: Another week and hopefully the last week of overtime. While I like having a bigger paycheck in two weeks, the lack of me time in the evenings and on my weekends are starting to take their toll. I’ve been so tired and lazy that I’ve used the dishwasher twice last week to wash dishes. And I live alone. The apartment is a complete mess with boxes pile at the door and clothes needing to be folded in the spare room. At least yesterday’s overtime was shorter (5hrs). But it does make my list of things I had planned on working on particularly sad. I’m happy to get some posts in, but really felt like it bomb. Ug, and my evening workouts also bomb. Looking forward to a better week!

::LOVES:: I’ve received some new food products I’ve been wanting to incorporate in my meals. So far I’ve been obsessed with the nutritional yeast on my eggs! I’ve also tried the spirulina that from the same company. Cannot wait to use these guys in some recipes! I’ll be sure to post them as soon as I find them and make them!

::SIGH:: Really guys, I felt like I failed using my limited free time this week. My workouts could have been better. I should have keep to eating clean. I’ve could’ve not felt rushed with my blog posts. But I guess such is life. But today is a restart! Like setting aside time to write. Well… Writing while I wait for my clothes to was at the laundry-mat. And then home to do some cleaning and start on some post I’m planning. I’m going to make this a better week!


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