Current Lip Color Collection


If you haven’t notice, I have rather large lips. And as a child I was teased about them, so I typically don’t wear a lot of lipsticks because I feel like it emphases how large my lips are. But I’m trying to break out of that. Like trying to wear more color than black, white and grey. So these are the few lip products that I picked up in the last three months or so.

Lets start with EOS. Not a lip color, but currently my go-to lip balm when I feel like my lips are starting to dry. I love EOS Summer Fruit and their limited edition Passion Fruit (which I just saw on instagram that they are bringing back for the Chinese New Year!!). I just brought their Spring Edition Coconut Milk for my sister’s Easter goody package. 5 of 5 stars

I think out of all the lip stuff I’ve brought (and I’ve already posted my disappointment in it) was the Old Navy Lip Balm in Coral. Never again buying makeup there. Sticking with just clothes and accessories. This stuff is just crap. Honestly. -1 of 5

I have to give Fran Wilson Mood Matcher Luxe in Dark Pink, NYC Expert Last Rouge á Lévres in Sugar Plum and E.L.F Dumbo Lip Gloss Stick in In The Nude a 3 out of 5. The Mood Matcher has a long-lasting color and it really stays. It’s says it dark pink, but on me, it looked really bright. And it was really hard to take off. I’m giving them a 3 because I’m not much of a fan of the colors. I was hoping the Mood Matcher was a bit darker and that E.L.F.’s was more nude, not so shimmery. Also, In The Nude took me a while to blend with my natural lip color.

Now my favorites are the NYX buttergloss in Peach Cobbler (4 out of 5), Wet’N’Wile Megastlick Balm Stain in Pinky Promise 5 out of 5) and a recent purchase, Jordana Twist & Shine Moistures Balm in Nude Chic (so far… 5 out of 5). Now all of them have really nice color and the formulas are really good. I was carrying around the Megastick, but I think I’m going to switch it up for the Jordana since I really like the nude color. I haven’t worn it out for long since I just got it yesterday, but so far, so good.

Now I haven’t brought any high-end lip sticks or gloss yet since I’m a little wary of spending too much on some lip product I won’t like or even use. So if you guys have any lip color suggestions that you think would look good on me and is a good product, I would love to hear it. Trying to break out one step at a time, or rather one lipstick at a time!


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