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Thought I’d give a more detailed view of my apartment, in small doses. Currently I only have one bookcase for some of my books. I really need to get one of those tall ones from Ikea or finally put in some shelving in this random corner of my apartment that has a bit of an inset. It’s the only weird corner of my place.

I have quite a collection of books. I have the full set of Harry Potter, a collection of manga and loads of others scattered about my apartment. I believe most of the books in my bedroom are beauty and fashion related. I tried to keep my bookcase organized by genre.


I said I tried to keep them organized. Like the top shelf. Random mix, but they are all oversized and won’t fit in the actual row. The red leather bound Complete Works of William Shakespeare I have had since high school. I believe my sister brought it for me for Christmas. I absolutely love it and try to keep it clean looking. That why right now I currently have it lying on it side so that the pages won’t warp.

The 2nd shelf is devoted to my classics. I’ve been slowly collecting classic books from the thirft store nearby and ordering them from Half.com. It’s my go-to online used bookstore. I actually got all my Harry Potter books from there. Hardcover and no more than 2 buck a piece. Seriously. Back to my bookcase. I’ve got a nice collection of Jane Austen. However I consider most of them, other than Mansfield Park, reading copies. You know, the ones where you slip into your bag for long trips on the train.

Then a bit of Tolkein and Anna Karenina which I have yet to start. I have a lot of books in that same stage of my life.


The 3rd shelft is mainly that of fiction which I collected as I read them. Some of books my parents brought for the whole family and I just took with me. Like the Anne Rice’s books on that shelf. Warning you if you haven’t read them, it’s better that I have them. Funny I think they got it at a garage sale and it was one of those “the whole box of books for $5” kind of deal. And they thought, oh, the girls like to read. It’s a good thing they didn’t read them. However I am not missing the first book and have no idea where the hell it is.

Then last shelf is devoted to biographies and art books. If you guys like Anthony Bourdain’s TV shows, then you are going to love his books. They are excellent look into his life traveling and as a chef. I also recommend Chelsea Handler. Love her to bits!


And the floor “shelving” is just a random mix of tall books including my Calvin & Hobbes Collection. Now looking at some of them I’m wondering where I got them and why…. Like “To Ride a Silver Broomstick”.

This is only half my collection of books. The rest are scatter about my apartment and I will feature them later on. Now excuse me while I grab a C&H book and spend the rest of the night reading.


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  1. Too cute! I don’t have a bookcase so my books are kept either above my typewriter on my desk, or in a closet with shelves :/ I really want a bookcase though, but everything I can find on Craigslist is overpriced and I don’t have a truck or movers to help get a bookcase into my apartment 😦 I love that you are a reader and have such an eclectic taste in books. I am a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes as well!!! I read the comics as a child, but now as an adult they are way funnier. Hope you have a good evening! ❤

    1. I know what you mean! I live on the 2nd and have an awkward staircase and entry way. It took three of us to just move in my couch. Someday, I want to have library with a cozy couch to curl up in. From floor to ceiling shelves full of books!

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