Fashion Inspiring Blogroll


Typically while I getting my hair done in the morning or lying in bed right before I go to sleep, I try to check up on some of my favorites blogs either to inspire my outfit for the next workday or a look I want to try. So here are my top fashion blogs:

1. She Wear K-Pop // As you know I love K-pop and watch my favorite artist videos and stage performances when I can. She Wears K-Pop put together outfits dubes from their videos, performances, airport fashion (it’s a major thing in Asia), etc. You can request songs or artist, or even a certain fashion piece that you saw in video.

2. nitro:licious // I found nitro:licious and Wendy Lam back in 2007/ 2008, and I’ve been following her since. Her fashion is more relax street-wear and she has a shoe closet I’d kill for. Especially her sneakers. OMG. I want!

3. Studded Knives // I discovered this while watching a vlogs. I can’t remember whose, but I love her style. It is so west coast and so me. And the fact that she can wear shorts right now makes me jealous. It needs to either snow or start warming up here in the PNW. Like now. I want warm weather!

4. Matt & Chanel // Fashion couple reporting in Seattle and New York! They are such a cute couple and have some really dope style!

5. Fresh Jess // Another Seattle blogger I like to check up on to see what’s happening in my favorite city. In the last couple of months she has starting posting a lot more about fitness and fitness fashion in the area. Which as you know, I love both! She also a huge Seahawks fan. SRSL.


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