Birthday Wishlist


Since my birthday is coming up, I thought I’d make a birthday wish list. I have a good idea what I’m going to buy myself: a new camera. I need to replace my very old 2009-sh Olympia Lumix point-and-shoot. I have done a bit of research, but if any of you have a camera suggestion that would be so great. It’s mainly going to be used for traveling and some blog photos. Or I might just invest in a digital Canon. I already have a film one, but I definitely need one for the blog.

Anyhow… totally went off topic! So birthday wish list; let start with makeup. I really want to try the Urban Decay Naked line, specifically Naked3. I actually think that those are the colors I would use the most in my everyday makeup while Naked2 and the original naked Palette I would only use some of the shades.

I’m not too sure which one would be better, but I’m debating about the new Stila Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo or the Anastasia Contour Kit. I really want to start doing more contouring and definitely want to use a high-end product for that rather then the cheaper ones I see at the drugstore. Which at the moment is not many.

Moving on to to clothing: I’ve been looking for a spring trench coat. I’ve got two really nice winter wool coast, but when I start traveling I definitely need a classic midnight coat for cooler days. I really like these ASOS Classic Trench with the double-breasted button design and belt strap details. It’s so nice, but can’t decided: black or stone cream.

As you know I’m obsessed with my nike shoes. I absolutely love them but for just everyday walking I want the adidas mi Superstar 80s customized. Definitely sticking with the classic white and black. I had a pair when I was younger and wore them to bits. Which is why I no longer have them.

Another pair of shoe I would love to get are the Monochrome Cleated Sole Chunky Platform Boots. I saw a music video with one of the dancers wearing ones similar to these and completely fell in love. I feel like I just need them. To add to my ever growing boot collection.

Does anybody else still do this? Making a wish list (at least for me) is a great way for family to have a good idea of what you would like to get. At least in my family…


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  1. I think it’s a great idea to make a wishlist – that way people won’t waste money on things you don’t use. Right now I shoot with an old camera from 2009 as well- the Nikon d90. It’s a great camera but lacks some of the bells and whistles modern-day DSLRs have (such as autofocus on video). I think if you’re familiar with Canon, one of the Rebel DSLRs would be a good investment for you! Also, I have heard good things about the NYX contour palette, and I personally find their products to be high-end quality for drugstore prices. Happy birthday to you and I hope you get spoiled ❤

    1. Thanks so much. My friends & fellow graphic designers/coworkers have ultimately convinced me to get a Canon Rebel. They all have different models, but all agree that Canon will work best for the blog and future projects I want to do!

      And I didn’t think about the NYX having a good contour palette! I think I might have to hit up the Freddie’s near me as they keep a really good makeup section stocked!

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