Getting that Nutritional Boost Featuring Sari Foods


I’m trying out some food products thanks to Brandbuilder and Sari Foods as part of a nutrition overhaul. One of the products I tried out the very day it arrived was the nutritional yeast. “Nutritional yeast is an excellent source of B vitamins including thiamine, folate, B-6, and niacin. These important vitamins are critical in converting energy from the food you eat and in producing red blood cells. Most sources of nutritional yeast are also fortified with vitamin B-12 which is only found in animal protein.”


After doing a bit research online I found some great ways to enjoy it other than sprinkling it over my eggs:

  • Season steamed or roasted veggies
  • Spinkle on top of Popcorn
  • Use it as a replacement for grated cheese on top of pasta dishes
  • Like the popcorn, but sprinkled on top of some sweet potato fries
  • Make “Cheesy” Mashed Potatoes

I really like this stuff. Every since I decided to quit dairy it has been the main replacement of cheese in my pastas and great over some roasted veggies! I really recommend that if you can’t have cheese and are still craving it, give Sari Nutritional Yeast a try. I think this weekend is a great time to try making a vegan macaroni and cheese I found the other day. I’ll try to post the recipe and results!


The one product in the set that I got that I really had no idea how to use it was the Spirulina powder. I had heard and read a little about it but never even tried it. So I was a little excited and a bit scared of how green it is. It’s really bright green!

The first “dish” I made using the powder was a green smoothie. I followed the recommended serving (2 tablespoons), and found it overpowered the rest of ingredients. So the next time I made a green smoothie I only put in 1 and it didn’t overwhelm the smoothie. They did send over a downloaded recipe book, but I haven’t tried them all yet. I’ve made the green rice and added it to my veggie stir-fry.

What I like the most about the spirulina powder is that is had protein and iron which are the two nutrients I’m worried about not getting enough. It’s is so nice to be able to get those types of nutrients without having meat.


The last product I got to try I have to be very thankful for having this past weekend. If you follow me on twitter, I’ve might have seen that I’ve been down with a heavy chest cold. I had been using the Sari Foods Acerola cherries Vitamin C in my smoothies, adding it a bit sweet-tart taste. But for the past couple of day I’ve been drinking it first thing in the morning with a bit of juice (highly recommend you do that when you first start, as it is a bit tart) and I think it’s been helping my body fight the cold. I’m always a bit wary with chest colds since I have asthma, so anything that will help is welcome!

Overall, I really like these products and will probably order them once I run out. Like I said, the spirulina taste does take some time getting use to and the vitamin c drink mixture is a bit. My only dislike is the packaging. It has that kind of zip-lock seal at the top and it doesn’t completely close up correctly. I’ve been using a clip to hold them closed. These are really good supplements to incorporate in your meals. So, guys look forward to seeing some future recipes using these Sari Foods Nutrients.

The opinions I shared about using these nutritional supplements from Sari Foods are my own, and none of the products featured did not tell me what to say or how to say it. Sponsored post powered by BrandBacker.


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