Eyeshadow Drugstore Collection


For a while I had a bit of problem. I had a massive collection of eyeshadows. But I spent a couple of hours tossing out all my old ones that I was pretty sure I had for over two years. I think the easiest ones to tossed out were the ones I got from the drugstores and Target. These are the couple I kept because: 1) I got them in the last four months and 2) I use them every week.

If you read my Current Everyday Makeup post, you know that I almost always use the Profusion Bare Palette. I’m pretty sure I’m going to completely use all of my favorite shade soon (the matte purpleish-pink shade). The most colorful palette is from E.L.F. It’s a really good collection of shades that I occasionally experiment with and as always great quality for affordable makeup. I think I got these at TJ Maxx for about 3 or 4 dollars.

Then I have another Profusion palette: The Berry Collection. I really like this brand and they are quite affordable. I mostly find Profusion at Walgreens and Fred Meyers. They are equal in quality to E.L.F. in my opinion.

The last two I kept are the Rimmel London Glam’Eyes in Afternoon Tea and Sonia Kashuk in Down to Earth. The Sonia Kashuk I just recently got from Target because I really like the dark green. However I been using the copper brown shade more than the green. The Rimmel palette I kept because I keep it in my gym makeup bag for time when I really need to slap on some makeup right after my workout. Good shades!

Now that I’ve cleaned up that section of my makeup, I’ve got to move on to the next. But it’s a bit overwhelming. I still need to go through my high-end eyeshadow, all my eyeliners, powders, etc. And then at some point cleanup my costume jewelry.


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