Selling Barely Used Fashion


I tried out this “Re-Sell” website called to get rid of some clothes and shoes that I only maybe wore once twice, or in the case of one shirt that still has the tag on it, never worn. It’s an online online consignment shop specializing in providing high quality like-new clothes. They have a wide range of trendy affordable brand like H&M and Gap to high fashion brands like J Brand and Michael Kors.

While I haven’t brought anything from them yet (I keep checking for a Michael Kor purse, Rebecca Minkoff bag or black ankle boots that’s been on my fashion wish list), I have tried out their re-sell program. I ordered the “polka-dot Clean Out Bag” on a Thursday and it arrived on a Saturday about a weeks later. Typically it cost around $5 to order the bag, but when I ordered mine in January, the cost was waived for a limited time.

They have a list of brands that they don’t accept to re-sell like Children’s Place, Carter’s, Garaminals, Faded Glory, Chico’s and etc. There is a “clothing calculator” where you can enter in the name brand, the type of fashion item (top, bottom, dress, shoes, etc.) and they will give you an estimate price range they’ll pay you to buy the item for. You have the option of having the items that won’t be sold be sent to a charities or thrifting companies or you can pay $12.99 Return Assurance, to have your unsold items sent back to you. I choose to have whatever won’t be sold be sent off to one of their charitable organization.

So the items I sent over were: 1 pair of Jeffery Campbell shoes, a Donna Morgan dress i brought on, tops from Forever 21, Moment & H&M, and lastly some winter accessories by Rikka I got for Christmas that I have no desire in keeping. These either been worn once or twice or haven’t been touch since I received/brought them. Just before I sent it off, I also added a couple more tops that I found in the back of my closet.

I sent the bag off which was pretty easy as it came with a mailing tag and all i had to do was drop it off at the post office! It took a couple of days to get there as I finally got an email on the 27th of February of the company receiving it. But as there were many bags before mine, it wouldn’t be processed until the 24th of March.

They were kind enough to give an update of the process, but now I would have to wait until the 29th of March to receive any payout for the stuff I sent over. However early on Saturday morning while checking my emails I saw a notice that they processed my bag. I earned a little over $25 for the shoes, two tops and the Donna Morgan dress. I’m pretty happy about that and was hoping to get at least that.

Now I can use this “cash” to pay for purchases I buy off their site or I can wait 14 days to cash out via paypal. As of yet I haven’t found any pieces I like, so I’ll continue to check the site until I find something or the 14 day are up. It’s a nice way to get rid of unwanted clothing lying around, but as I am not the type to get rid of many of my high-end fashion, it will be a while till I do this again. Have any of you guys tried sites like this?


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