Full-Body Dumbbell Workout


Most days I up early and hitting the gym before work. And then occasionally I wake up, hit the snooze and think I’ll just shut my eyes for 5 minutes. Which then end ups being 1 hour. By then, it’s way too late to get ready to workout, hit the gym and come back without feeling rushed. Those days, I take the morning easy.

But once I get home, I set aside any non-emergency work to get a good workout. I like to do a combo of strength and cardio to help strengthen my legs and build some muscle. For me these are great days to work on my leg and ab muscle to help with my running. Here is one of my favorites using dumbbells. I finally brought myself 10-lb weights so these is a great workout to use them with. You can use any size weights, whatever your are comfortable with and the one minute cardio breaks are great to get your heart rate up. Hope you guys like it!


You can do the whole workout once, or do all the circuits three times over. Make sure to take, at ma,x a 30-second rest between circuits and sip on water. Have fun!!


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