G-Mart and Sephora Haul


So after eating at Cho Dang Tofu, we went around G-Mart and I got some stuff. Unlike H-Mart, which is also in the same city, G-Mart had more of a mixture of Asian food. While at H-Mart a good 90% of the food they carry is Korean. But it does not matter to me since it’s the closest Asian grocery store this half-Asian has. Also, they carry lumpia wrapper which is very important!

So I got some Daifuku (Mochi) which is so good! Red bean is my favorite, but all the flavor are really good. I also got some seaweed to make soup with and seafood broth. It doesn’t look like a lot, but only use two or three little bit in hot water. They expand! I also got some buckwheat noodles to add a bit variety between zucchini noodles and some green tea since I completely ran out again.



We wandered the Bellevue Square Mall before dinner. I got some birthday cards and greeting card at Papersource. They have tons of little goodies and books. I found a “Selfie” photo album I think I might have to get Bella. She takes way too may pictures of herself and posts them on Instagram. She deserves that.

I went into Sephora just to grab one thing: my favorite day moisturizer, the acne-fighting mattifying Sephora Moisturizer. But as it was still the month of my birthday, I also got the BeautyInsider’s Birthday Gift: NARS Lip Sticks. I’ll be doing a post on them pretty soon.

We are heading again down south, this time to pickup the children. We might do a bit of shopping again. Definitely food. And maybe taking H to H-Mart since she’s never been.








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