NARS Birthday Gift from Sephora


As you know, I’m not much of a lipstick girl, but I’m trying. Since I’ve never tried the NARS lip pencils, I am really excited that I got these two a couple of weeks ago as part of the Sephora Insider Program. And you can be proud, I’ve actually used them! Most the nude shade, Rikugien. It has a bit of satin finish and it has become my everyday / work day lip color. It’s such a great color on my lips. I really enjoy nude colors that have a bit of shine.

150408_NARSBdayGift_02The other shade is Cruella, a matte lip pencil. It’s a really deep red that really makes the lips pop. I’ve only worn it twice (when I went shopping in Seattle), but the color stays! I had to really rub hard to remove the color off my lips. It’s definitely a longer wearing shade than the nude.


Both have a good creamy texture that when on my lip smoothly! Cruella, since it is a matte lip color, definitely dried out my lips. The two time I wore it out, I made sure to keep one my more reddish gloss with me. Definitely helped with keeping my lips from cracking.

Overall, I’m really happy to get these goodies! It such shades to add to my ever-growing make-up collection, but I just know I’m going to use the Rikugien shade more and run out of it sooner!


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