Tea Time


When I was a child, I hated tea. Well at least the Lipton-crap tea that my mom alway brought and use to make us drink. I remember there were tons of other options but she always only brought that kind. There might have been some green tea whenever we made the monthly trip to the Asian food market in Seattle, but I would have never touch it.

Now I drink tea like it’s water. And I have all sorts of cups, tea strainers, and whatnots. Yes, I like coffee, typically black, but there is something about a nice cup a tea to make my day. Even as I write this I have my kettle boiling to make me a mug.

Morning I stick to some green tea. I highly recommend you buy Japanese green tea if you don’t like the store brand ones. I always find them to taste a bit grassy. I got these guys from the Korean grocery stores in Lynnwood.

The green tea granules are new to me. I thought I’d try them out and use them in some smoothies. It are quite good and taste like I just made it using actual tea leaves.


In the afternoons, I start craving black tea. We have stacks of tea at the office, but I prefer Twinings Earl Grey. At work I drink it plain, but at home a nice pour of almond milk makes it tasty! And because I don’t typically keep a bottle of almond milk at the office, but I really should. I really prefer with a bit of milk.

I don’t drink a lot of herbal tea on a regular basis. I usually keep some on hand for when I’m not feeling well or a bit off. I have a huge tin of jasmine tea from my mom which will last me for a least the rest of this year, and I’m nearly done with the Hawaiian tea E sent me for my birthday last year.

Oh, shoot. I left my tea brewing on the counter! What’s your favorite type of drink that you just spend a day without?


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  1. My husband and I both love Twining’s Earl Grey. We each have a box of it! I also like green tea in the morning – I’m not actually sure what the brand I drink it (I honesty think my husband bought it when he was in Seychelles). Oh, and any type of chai tea makes me happy. 🙂

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