The Mixed Girl Tag

The Mixed Girl Tag!


Throw-back photo from a couple years ago wearing my Philippine Soccer Adidas Jacket that my mom got me when she and dad went home. Hmm, Might have to rock this look tomorrow, that is if I can find the jacket.

1.) What are you mixed with? Filipino,  African-American and a little Spanish
2.) What ethnicity have you often been mistaken for? Jamican, occasionally Chinese-mix.
3.) Is you hair Curly or Straight? Naturally Curly.
4.) Was coming from different backgrounds challenging growing up? No, it’s no different than any other family backgrounds. We just happen to be Asian and black.
5.) Which background do embrace most? Both equally.
6.) Have you ever been teased for being different? A little, but I was defended by my other mixed friends. So it never happened after that.
7.) Have you ever been ashamed of being Multiracial? No. Never, always been proud of the fact I’m mixed.
8.) Do you feel that being Mixed has it’s benefits? Yeah, being mixed allows you to understand and meet other cultures!
9.)What makes being Multiracial a beautiful thing? Everything!
10.) Any advice to some who struggle with their Multiracial Identity? It take a while, but you’ll eventually get there. It’s not different than anybody else growing up and trying to find who they are.


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