Project Life and Babies


When I had more time I used to scrapbook a lot. Nothing too intense, but It was a great way to organize my photo is a pretty and creative way. Now a days I really don’t have that much time and patience to do so. So when I heard about Project Life, a simple process of scrapbooking. They got a digital version, but I love having the actual pictures printed and attaching pictures and stuff to them, that I brought myself a big book and sheets.

You can start with the basics: a Core Kit, a collection of cards that can be used to add information or quotes in your album; a Album and Pocket Pages, where you put your photos and cards together. Now, there are tons of other ‘versions’ of Project Life and the connivence of this allows me to purchase different styles. I just brought a stack of cards from Walmart for $1.97 each. Same kind of idea, same kind of quality, just a hella of a lot cheaper.


Now the main reason I started this was… well I had loads of pictures. Tons. A black box full hidden in my spare room closet and I started getting more. Mostly pictures of my niece. If I didn’t mention it, I became an ‘Auntie’ last November. The same day as my dad’s birthday. He got a really great gift and she is quite possible the cutest thing ever. Other then my friends’ children. My sister send me tons of photos when she can. Living one state away is quite hard for me to visit often, so I am grateful for all the photos I can get of my niece.

I’ve also got a couple pictures of my BFF’s baby girl and of my minions. I was trying to make this album about 2015, but it’s seriously becoming an album full of baby / children photos.


But all these photos mean, I’ve got to organized them. And Project Life gives me a quick, easy way to organize my photos, display them in a creative way, and not take tons of hours out of the day to work on it. I like using stickers to add a little bit more to the photos and if I do have time, I might print out some of my favorite quotes to add in.

Sorry, my OMG, my niece is super cute. Cannot handle the cuteness.

What do you guys think? Of the album of course!


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