BSP and Attempting to Get Lean


So I don’t think I mention this but I started a new health program. While my workouts are pretty good, my eating is definitely not on it’s game. So I signed up for Body Shred Program (BSP) online for a personalized diet and workout plan. I’ve got a bit of fat I want to lose and several areas I would like to tone better like my back and and midsection (ie. belly). It’s been a week since I started and so far so good. I’m currently waiting for week two’s meal plan, so I cannot wait!

So the basic plan is based on your weight & height and the foods that you like or willing to eat. You get five pdf file booklets consisting of your own diet plan, your workout plan (either gym or home, your choice), The Secrets of Healthy Eating booklet, Gym Workout guidelines, and recipe booklet.

So breakfast and dinner are meals that I can choose to eat from the recipe book, while my morning snack, lunch, before workout snack and after workout meal are dictated by my meal plan. My first week consisted of peanuts for snack; and sweet potato, shrimp and kale for lunch. My pre-workout snake is one apple and my post-workout meal is berries and oatmeal. And things are going very well. So far I’ve lost two pounds (happy dance) and I’ve notice my shoulders and legs are getting nice and tone. Two: I’ve have resisted sweets with the exception of my cheat meal on Saturday, which according to the Secrets of Healthy Eating booklet is okay as long as it either at breakfast or lunch. Boom!

If you guys are interested, I was planning on posting a day of eating. Or a week of eating. Which sound better to you?


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