Run, Rest, Repeat….

150518_WeekendMay16_01Finally a weekend to myself, doing things that I wanted or needed to work on. I love weekends like these where I get a good run in and proceed to do most of the chores I neglected to work on during the week. As usual, my weekends start Friday night getting all my gear ready for a run as soon as it is light enough out Saturday Morning.

Since I’m preparing for the Rock ‘N Roll Half-Marathon next month in Seattle, Saturdays are now long run mornings proceeded by mid-morning snack and nap before eating lunch. I also use it as my cheat meal day. After burning all those calories just to get in 9-miles this last weekend (10-miles this upcoming Saturday), I was craving some Chipotle. I had originally planned on eating there, but it was super crazy even at 1pm, so I had my lunch in the car. I tried to do a little shopping, but I was started to feel a bit drained. Spent the rest of my Saturday reading and catching up on some TV.

Sunday was pretty much chore day around the apt. I always go grocery shopping early. Typically around 7:30 in the morning when most everyone else in the county are still sleeping or getting ready to go to church. Then prepped lunch for me and H since she doesn’t have time to prepare a healthy lunch.


Sunday was pretty chilled after that. Hour chat with little sister and niece. Watering my plants, my basil and mint are growing like crazy. Sorry for the lack of photos this weekend. I’m trying to get better about recording things that happens even if its slightly mundane. So, how was everyone’s weekend? Do anything fun?


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