Half-Marathon Training

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When I finally decided to do a half-marathon, I research for days about training for it, how to eat for it, and what was the best run for a beginner, along with finding a local event. It was slightly confusing and mind numbing, but I was determine to try it out. There were tons of professional programs that you pay for along with trainers who will help you with eating right and other training things. But if you were like me, you didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars just for your first half-marathon. Especially if you didn’t know if you going to like running it and dropping money just to run it.
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I figured out that I needed to follow a 12-week training plan. It was long enough for me to build my endurance to run a longer distance than 6 miles. I signed up for the See Jane Run Half-Marathon in Seattle because it was 1) a women promoted event; 2) it was in Seattle; and 3) it was a flat run. Also, I had plenty of time to train for it.

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I ended up following (loosely) a mixture of two plans I found on the internet: Nike Women Half-Marathon and one I found on PopSugar Fitness (which both I cannot find the ones I followed). But their current ones are just equally as good! Here are a couple of half-marathon plans I found recently to check out:
Since I didn’t belong to a gym and (at this point of my life, living at home) we some very basic 5-pound dumbbells and searched for strength training workouts to incorporate in my schedule. Mostly followed workout DVDs I got from Netflicks or watch on YouTube. I really like BodyRock and Jillian Michaels: Shred-It With Weights. They were easy workout you are able to do at home or rooms with limited space. One of my favorite DVD I got from Netflick was Get Extremely RIPPED! 1000 Hardcore. I kept that for over two months and it is a great workout using varies reps and weights.
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You don’t have to spend a lot money to get a good training plan for your first half. I believe the only thing you should spend top dollar on are your running shoes, but even then, you can still get them for less than $100. Every time my shoes are getting close to their retirement age (somewhere between 300-500 miles) I hit up my local Nike Outlet store. Occasionally they have a sale or certain styles go down in price even more. The most I spent on my running shoes is probably around $80.
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Training for my upcoming half-marathon is starting to be a bit easier. I guess it’s because I’m finally starting to know what works with my body, my eating habits and the culture of training for long distance running.

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