Supplement Haul

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With my new meal plan most of my supplement I get from real food. I’ve been checking my calorie intake and macros to make sure I’m in check into MyFitnessPal app. I’ve been getting about 1,500+ in calories and intaking about 160-200 grams of carbs, 50-60 grams of fat, and 140-150 grams of protein. So far things have been pretty good. I’m back down to my New Year’s weight and finding a lot more definition in my muscles along my shoulders, arms, and thighs. Still waiting for those abs to show up!

One thing I did add was some BCAAs for during & after my workout. I brought B.S.N. Amino earlier this month on Amazon, but a week ago was having a deal (buy one, get one free), so I stocked up. I got two AMINOx BCAA Recovery Powder in Green Apple. I haven’t tried this flavor yet, but I have heard that it taste pretty good. BCAAs are really good for your body to help speed the repair of muscle breakdowns and increase endurance through training. I try to drink some before I start to give my body a quick boost.

I also ordered L-Carnitine by NOW since I saw Heidi Somers saying it help in fatloss while helping maintain muscle on a vlog. And it was cheaper to get the liquid version online than in local stores. I also ordered some Quest Protein Bars because they are good and yummy. They will also help when I am craving something chocolately and sweet! did not have they newest flavor (mint chocolate) yet, so I stuck with my favorites: S’mores, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Cookies & Cream. YUMMY! If you guys haven’t tried them, they are really great and good for you. They are a high protein bar with no added sugar. I’ve seen tons of vloggers make treats with them, but I just enjoy them on their own. If they are a bit tough, you can quickly heat them in the microwave to soften.

The last bits in my package was a free sample of B.S.N. Whey DNA. I haven’t tried this one yet, but I have had their Sythna-6 Isolate Protein. I hope this one taste a bit better, as I liked Cellucor’s protein flavors more. The B.S.N. is lower in calories (120 cals), but that shouldn’t make up in taste.

So that’s my little online haul for some of my daily supplements. If you guys are looking for affordable but excellent quaity supplemtns, I highly recommend for them. You can also sign up to be part of their social media network, My Bodyspace. There you can find workouts, training & eating tips, and other like-minded fitness freaks! And me!


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