Long Run Prep

I know, I’m a bit behind with the weekly plan. With the holiday on Monday and switching gyms, I’ve been slightly thrown off my schedule. So I’m posting my fitness writeup today (just in time for tomorrow’s long run) and hopefully get my month’s favorite up Saturday!


Long runs are essential to runners on and off prep. When I’m not training for a half-marathon, I typically keep my long runs around 6 miles, but during prep they vary each week closer to the due date. I like to get my running gear ready the night before stacking my clothes and accessories on the table near my front door.

I have my favorite running Nike running leggings I been using for long runs and race day every since I got them. They were a pretty penny, so I don’t really know when the next time I’ll buy another. They are really great! There is a pocket in the back to stuff things like house keys, ID, and tissues. I also use my best sports bra to keep the girls at bay! I really don’t care what kind of top I wear. I usually go with a tank top since I wear a long sleeve at the beginning of my run.

Now while the clothes and shoes are important, there are the little things that really make the run easier to go through. I always put on some sunscreen half-hour before I go. All over! Try not to miss any part of the body especially the face and shoulders. I also pull my headband far back from my forehead so I don’t get a line at my hairline. Not pretty.

A fitness fanny pack is great to hold my phone and my Cliff Blocks.This one is a Nike I brought a couple of years ago. My friend thought it was funny at first until she had to run a race with very limited pockets. She now has one. I also use mine in the gym when lifting weights especially arms. Keeps my phone and keys safe and out of the way! Headphones are essential to distract you from the miles you still got to. I have Yurbuds that my sister got me last Christmas.They are easy and fit snug in my ears. Quick note: I’ve recently seen them at TJ Maxx for like 10 bucks for these women oriented ones and the originals for like $15.

I also wear my wear my Road ID that has all my emergency information like my medical condition and contact person. I never leave without that on. I got it with a discount via higi. The one thing I forgot to include in the photo, my hand water bottle. You can get one of those fancy fanny packs that have two bottle, but I always feel that it might weight me down more, and I prefer to hold it in my Nathan Handheld Water bottle.


Though I might have to get a new one since it is starting to leak water from all the jiggling during my runs.

So there are my essentials for long runs. What are your fitness essential for running? How about the gym? I’m currently trying to figure out a new workout schedule once I finish my half next month. I’m going to really focus on toning up, which means more weight training and heavier weights.


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