April and May Favorites

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I had completely forgotten to do my April favorites, so this is going to be a combo of April & May. I think the reason I forgot was, well, I didn’t have many favorite things in April. Barely a handful.

Up until about mid-April, my go to foundation was the L’Oreal TruMatch, but since summer is here I’ve switch back to an old favorite, Maybelline BB Cream in the Dark Tint. My skin gets a couple shades darker the when the sun is out, so I find the a lot of the typical foundation a bit heavy during the summer time. I’ve tried two other BB creams before, and found that I really like the coverage of the Maybelline. Plus it also has 30 SPF.

Speaking of SPF, I needed to stock up with some new sunscreen since the ones I had last year probably were old. I grab this Hawaiian Tropical Island Sport Sunscreen in SPF 30. It’s really great! It blend in well and doesn’t make my skin greasy especially since I also use it on my face. It does have a slight scent, but it’s not overpowering.

Makeup-wise I’ve been reaching for my Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara and L’Oreal Limited Edition Project Runway Blush in        . The blush is a nice light shade on my cheeks and I also use it as a highlighter on the bridge of my nose and forehead. I got this a while ago at TJ Maxx but haven’t seen any other shades since. I was hoping to find a coral shade, oh well. And I’ve have a mascara problem, I really only like Maybelline’s. They are just the bomb!

Last is the Palmetto Derma face serum which I got in my birthday FabFitFun pack. I still have some of the Radha Beauty Vitamin C Serum, but I really want to try everything in my package. I love this one! It goes on really smooth and dries fast.

So that’s April’s & May’s favorite. Sorry this is late. I was planning on having this up at noon today, but I didn’t finish writing last night since I was getting tired. And then this morning I ran my 11-miles. Which was proceeded by an upset stomach since I didn’t stay as hydrated as I should have. Lesson learned. Half-marathon is in two weeks and I’ll be done with long runs. After that my fitness goals are going to be more focus on losing the excess fat and building nice lean muscle. I was thinking about writing about that journey since I’ll be trying out some new… ideas. I think that’s the right word. But for now, ciao!


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