Arctic Zero


I meant to have a post up yesterday, but alas things did not go as planned this weekend. If any of you follow me on Instagram (here, if you please), you may have notice that I got in my 2nd to last training run: 11 miles. It was awesome. Long, but good. What wasn’t good was the after party to which we call my very sensitive GI and lack of water. I do keep a hand water-bottle and I was able to fill it up twice during my run, but even that didn’t help the after-mass. Was pretty much stuck on the couch soothing my tummy with water and simple foods.

I did however, make a quick run to the grocery store nearby for some food. Pineapple, quick cook rice, yogurt… and then I found Arctic Zero Ice Cream! It was hot out that day and with my tummy acting the way it was I hoped it would not only help, but satisfying my chocolate ice cream craving. I’m slowly becoming more lactose intolerant and the only kind of milk products that currently do not reek havoc on me is hard cheeses and Greek yogurt.

Arctic Zero is fat-free, lactose-free, gluten-free and low glycemic. And it’s low-calorie for those dieters and fitness freaks (like myself) who occasionally want to indulge. Warning though, it doesn’t have the same kind of creamy-texture that real milk-based ice cream has. Since one of the first ingredients is whey protein concentrate, it definitely taste weird if you never had whey protein shakes.  However, if you have and not mind (like I do), it’s a great treat for a hot day!

So far I’ve only tried the Purely Chocolate, so if any of you tried the other flavors which one is the best? I want to try them all!


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