It’s been so long…

It’s been quite a while and so much has happened since last I wrote here. A lot of life ups and downs especially the last year. I don’t know quite where to start this life update. Let’s see… I guess we should just do a quick update. Simple.

My sister had her baby girl, Sienna, who now is three and totally spoiled.  This past year my dad’s illness (early onset dementia) got very bad and he is now no longer with us. My mom has handled it well enough and has visited home (Philippines) once since he left us and is planning on going again this spring.  My office changed buildings and increase how many books we now produce a year. This is keeping us somewhat busy. I’ve went to Las Vegas for my BFFs 10-year anniversary and friends reunion. I was there during the mass shooting but was staying at another hotel more central on the strip.

I think that was most of it. The last couple of years I tried to get back into blogging, but just couldn’t. I think I would post one and then be too busy with things going on in my life. But this is a new year, a new time to be back to posting. Especially since I’ve started to make some drastic life changes.

So this year I’ve got some new goals and life changes I plan on working on. The first, and most important is getting my certification to teach English aboard. And I’ve already signed up with reputable online course I researched around September of last year. I’m set to start this month. It is going to keep me busy for the next 12 weeks or so. This leads to my next goal: travel more.

I hope that once I get my certification and get a good job offer internationally, I can be able to see more places than the western side of the US. The country I really want to be posted at: Korea. Which leads us to my next goal: learn Korean. I know a bit, but not enough to confidently speak it out load. Since I’m going to be studying to teach English, might as well spend of time learning how to speak Korean.

Number 4 goal is to document my life more, whether that is blogging or vlogging, I want to have memories of the places I went and people I met. I don’t quite have a good vlogging camera, but I did get an action camera from my sister for Christmas this year. Quite a shock actually. Was not expecting that to be under the tree. So after I finally order the TF card I need to record, I’m going to try vlogging snippets of my life.

Goal number 5: read more books. I read a lot, but most are manga online. So I really need to focus on reading more books. Or at least balance my reading material. I’m super grateful for my secret Santa on getting me a B&N gift card which I used with my other gift card to buy some new books: You Are A Badass by Jen Sinerco & The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae. Both are New York Times bestsellers and I hope have an impact on my life.

My final goal this year is to lose this last bit of body fat that is getting in the way. I’ve been kind of stuck or rather plateaued at my current weight for the last two years. I know the main problem is my eating habits. I really have to curb my snacking and focus on more whole, healthy foods than quick, processed meals. I think once I get myself in a better eating habit, I can reach goal.

2018 is going to be the start of new adventures and exciting changes. Of stepping outside my comfort zone and exploring the world’s possibilities. Making new friends, learning new things, and living the life I always imaged I could. Till next time (which I hope will be next week)!


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