Begin Learning Again

So it’s official. I’m enrolled in taking an online course to get my certification to teach English aboard. Immediately after sending over all my forms and payment, I got a pre-course module to read up on. It still cannot believe I’m taking this step. I’m also so super excited.

I’ve spent a couple of good months researching online school/certification programs. If you are also looking to find one that best fits you, I recommend checking out Go Aboard to see reviews and top places to find online courses.  That’s where I found ITA (Internationally TEFL Academy) and they had great reviews. The fact that I could take the course on my own time (I have a full-time day job) and based on the reviews, they really continue to help you find good paying jobs after you receive your certification. They have an online community for alumni and there is lots of advice

Right before I made the full jump into enrolling I spoke to an advisor who helped me under what I was just about to get into. Based on my research and speaking to him and my family, I decided that this was the best route for me to full fill my dream of traveling and finding new adventure.

I’m going to try to document my journey on getting my certification.  I’m also, slowly, learning Korean. I’ve got a couple of words down, but it’s going good. I just need to schedule more time to work on reading Korean. I’ll also document that process as well. Especially since I got an action camera from my sister for Christmas. I’m going to start a YouTube channel. Just another jump I’m going to take this year!


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