1st Week

So I finished my first week of my TEFL course and it went pretty well. The Saturday before I was allowed to officially long into, I decided to order a PDF version of our required textbook rather than other a paper copy. This way I can eventually print it out myself, either slowly as I progress through the course or at a later date. It also lets me upload the text book to my Kindle and I can read some of the chapters during my lunch hour at work.

I did try to vlog my week, but I kept it to one work week day and then vlogged during the weekend, especially my trip to the UW library. More about that later on. Since my vlogs are going to be pretty short, I think I’ll just combine them into a monthly vlog. I know this month is kind of weird to start it near the end of the month, but really life here was pretty tame.

But back to my 1st week. Of course the first week coursework was about Chapter One: The Role of the Teacher. Its a good introduction about what we are aiming to do and become, and give a brief history of the English language. It was a short chapter, so I pretty much read through it in one sitting. But I went back again, to take notes. It’s really helpful to have those notes when writing in the peer participation forum. I did make a mistake of attaching my comment rather than writing it in the textbox of the forum, but I wasn’t the only one. It was a bit confusing about how to upload our text and “homework.”

After the forum, it was time to tackle the chapter tasks: online quiz and essay. The online quiz was pretty simple, though one of the question was slightly confusing for me and I missed that one. The essay was about the English language and it’s influence. I found quite of bit of resources online, but local books only one was available. So I decided that Saturday was a trip to my university to do a bit of research and start writing my paper. It was only a 400 word essay, but none the less, you have to be prepared and have ample of resources to back up your thoughts.

I finished my essay Sunday morning and uploaded it before the afternoon to be graded. I was a little worried about it but on Monday morning I receive my grades and teacher feedback. I’m doing well so far. Tonight, the plan is to finish reading chapter 2 and finishing taking notes. Hopefully I can get started on the two short essays (200 words) before the big task, creating a lesson plan.

Stay tune for some upcoming post including January favorites, my current eating & fitness plan, half-marathon training & etc.


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