Upgrading The Blog

So I’ve been doing so major update to the blog which you’ll probably won’t see here since this is my wordpress.com account. I’ve finally made the switch out of their server and took islesofjane.com off onto a new server. You can check it out, but it’s still really basic in design and has the same posts... Continue Reading →


March Favorites

I've got a couple of March favorites. I had to think hard about these, but yeah, I've been going back to these guys a lot in March. Since I work out first thing in the morning, I've been needing some sort of pre-workout meal / snack and I think I saw either a blog post... Continue Reading →

Vlogger Love

I don't actually have traditional TV content provider. When I moved into my current place I forgo the cable or satellite and was watching anything on my computer with the cord hookup. Then Amazon came out with the it's Fire TV Box and I no longer was tied to my computer. The best thing about... Continue Reading →

Feburary Favorites

To be honest I don't really have a lot of favorites this month as I spent a lot of the month working overtime and then trying to recuperate from all that. One of the things that I've been doing during this stressful month was giving myself a home spa treatment. I love lying back on... Continue Reading →

Super Belated Christmas Haul…

I know, so late. But if you think about it, I just go them over a week ago. My BFF was doing something more important than wrapping and mailing Christmas gifts on time. Like giving birth to her first child and maneuvering the days as new mother. Yeah, far more important. Two: her daughter, uber... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Cards Freebie

Valentines Day Card Freebie - Download So I thought I'd make some Valentines Day cards, even though I currently have no Valentine to give them to. But that doesn't mean someone else won't find them useful. So this months' design freebie are these cards. Give them to you friends, BFFs, your boyfriend or love, or... Continue Reading →

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