Birthday Day & March Haul


My birthday was pretty much what I wanted! A little workout in the morning, a bit of shopping in the afternoon and dinner with my friend and her kids (aren’t their drawings super cute!). I try not to make my birthday a big deal since I was a teen. I’ve learned to not expect to get much from my parents since my mid-twenties. My sister and BFF gifts are always great things that I never expect, but they always put off mailing them. So I’m currently waiting for two surprise packages to arrive.

So I set aside a little spending money to treat myself to goodies! Thought I did get a $20 gift certificate for participating in a online survey and phone interview. It was quite nice so I orders some bits for myself.

150403_BirthdayHaul_03I ordered myself this super cute bag which I haven’t used yet since I’m being a bit lazy to transfer the stuff in my current bag into this one. But I will. It’s the Patzino Exclusive Collection Two-Tone Small Leather Satchel Handbag. It’s so nice and quite different from all my other bags. I am a little afriad I might get the cream part dirty, so I definitely need to keep myself from doing that. It doesn’t look like it, but it’s quite large and I know it will hold all my crap!

I also ordered myself the Wayfarer Style Sunglasses by Retro Rewind and the Super Cute Strawberry Design Silicone Tea Infuser. The tea infuser was mainly cause it was cute. I have two other ones, but they are plain metal ones. This one is cute. But the sunglasses was to replace my neon green wayfarer style one I got when I ran a color run a year ago. The lenses started getting tons of scratch marks. It was finally time to replace them. I then got myself the Haruki Murakami book, 1Q84. It’s been on my reading list for years and I finally made the plunge to get myself a copy.

On my actual birthday, I made my way to ROSS and TJ Maxx. I totally forgot to take pictures of the clothing I got, But I found a really great red flannel shirt and a black see-through long-sleeve sweater. But hopefully you’ll see them in some future OOTD! I also finally grab E.L.F. Contour kit and TrueBeauty Tangle Teezer.


And then I got myself some GoT goodies. ‘Cause that’s how I roll. My GoT collection is just starting, but hell. The Khal Drogo Legacy Collection is from Target but you can get it on Amazon. However, I would recommend getting it at Target since it’s only $9.99 there (or at least when I brought him) verses the $15+ they are on Amazon. Ahh, look at little Jon Snow, who doesn’t know anything.

Hope you like this little haul of mine. Nothing like taking oneself shopping for your birthday!


March Rockboxes


My first Rocksbox of the month was filled with shiny gold galore! And all the pieces I would totally wear! Two necklaces and a bracelet. The Gorjana Shimmer Triangle Necklace is tiny and delicate for everyday wear. It completely pairs nicely with the Sophia Harber Pavé Bar Bracelt. Which is also simple and delicate.


The third necklace really scream ‘bling!’ Big, bold crystals hand on the blocks of shiny gold bars. It’s such a standout necklace that everyone at work was like whoa! I even wore it out to dinner with my coworkers and received lots of complements from other patrons at the restaurant.

I had a hard time sending this batch back as I really love these pieces, but off they went in the

middle of March. A couple days later came my second Rocksbox, this time a nice mix of silver metal. More rough looking but still so nice!


I got another great statement necklace in the Perry Street Amelie Crystal Necklace. So great to wear to a concert down in Soho along with the the Slate Barred Cuff. Both very edgy pieces but still pretty and girly at the same time. I also like the Sophie Harper Pavé Taner Bar Mini Studs, but I have some similar to them. But they are such nice quality, I’ve been wearing them for several days now.

Which piece do you all like?

Selling Barely Used Fashion


I tried out this “Re-Sell” website called to get rid of some clothes and shoes that I only maybe wore once twice, or in the case of one shirt that still has the tag on it, never worn. It’s an online online consignment shop specializing in providing high quality like-new clothes. They have a wide range of trendy affordable brand like H&M and Gap to high fashion brands like J Brand and Michael Kors.

While I haven’t brought anything from them yet (I keep checking for a Michael Kor purse, Rebecca Minkoff bag or black ankle boots that’s been on my fashion wish list), I have tried out their re-sell program. I ordered the “polka-dot Clean Out Bag” on a Thursday and it arrived on a Saturday about a weeks later. Typically it cost around $5 to order the bag, but when I ordered mine in January, the cost was waived for a limited time.

They have a list of brands that they don’t accept to re-sell like Children’s Place, Carter’s, Garaminals, Faded Glory, Chico’s and etc. There is a “clothing calculator” where you can enter in the name brand, the type of fashion item (top, bottom, dress, shoes, etc.) and they will give you an estimate price range they’ll pay you to buy the item for. You have the option of having the items that won’t be sold be sent to a charities or thrifting companies or you can pay $12.99 Return Assurance, to have your unsold items sent back to you. I choose to have whatever won’t be sold be sent off to one of their charitable organization.

So the items I sent over were: 1 pair of Jeffery Campbell shoes, a Donna Morgan dress i brought on, tops from Forever 21, Moment & H&M, and lastly some winter accessories by Rikka I got for Christmas that I have no desire in keeping. These either been worn once or twice or haven’t been touch since I received/brought them. Just before I sent it off, I also added a couple more tops that I found in the back of my closet.

I sent the bag off which was pretty easy as it came with a mailing tag and all i had to do was drop it off at the post office! It took a couple of days to get there as I finally got an email on the 27th of February of the company receiving it. But as there were many bags before mine, it wouldn’t be processed until the 24th of March.

They were kind enough to give an update of the process, but now I would have to wait until the 29th of March to receive any payout for the stuff I sent over. However early on Saturday morning while checking my emails I saw a notice that they processed my bag. I earned a little over $25 for the shoes, two tops and the Donna Morgan dress. I’m pretty happy about that and was hoping to get at least that.

Now I can use this “cash” to pay for purchases I buy off their site or I can wait 14 days to cash out via paypal. As of yet I haven’t found any pieces I like, so I’ll continue to check the site until I find something or the 14 day are up. It’s a nice way to get rid of unwanted clothing lying around, but as I am not the type to get rid of many of my high-end fashion, it will be a while till I do this again. Have any of you guys tried sites like this?

OOTD – Black Graphic Hearts


Woo-hoo! I remembered to take a OOTD… finally. My last one was like, what, over a month ago. It’s starting to warm up a bit, but still not enough for t-shirts. So I’ve been wearing my favorite windbreaker I got ages ago from H&M. I think it was in the men’s section, but I thought it was awesome!

Sweatshirt: Forever21 – Black Tank: Target – Leggings: Forever21 – Windbreaker: H&M – Rings: Old Nay & gifts from friends

Lipgloss: NYC Butter Lipgloss in Peach Cobbler – Nail Polish: Main, N.Y.C. in Park Ave & Gold Accents, Milani in Good Morning Sunshine

Vlogger Love


I don’t actually have traditional TV content provider. When I moved into my current place I forgo the cable or satellite and was watching anything on my computer with the cord hookup. Then Amazon came out with the it’s Fire TV Box and I no longer was tied to my computer. The best thing about it is that I can watch all my YouTube subscriptions and search for more without leaving my couch. Sometimes you gotta be a little lazy.

I have a lot of channels on my YouTube account that I try to keep up with. Though occasionally I do like doing a full YouTube marathon on the weekends or when I’m sick in bed. Here are my top 5 channels:

1. EatYouKimchi

I’m not sure when I started or how I found them, but I believe they are the first channel I subscribe to when I found out about subscribing to channels. I pretty much love all their different video from FAP!FAP! (eating/food videos) to their live chats. Simon and Martina of EYK are hilarious and quite informative about Korea and life there. I’m sure at least 98% of K-pop fans are also Nasties (EYK Fanclub Members… I’m a Red Nasty!).

2. annaleeandjesse

Anna Lee is a hairstyliest (and Filipino!!) and Jesse is a photographer in LA. They do regular videos like hauls and turtorials, but I personally love their everyday vlogs as they go about their lives in LA. Plus they have super cute dogs! OMG!

3. FungBrosComedy

These guy are 1) from the Seattle & PNW area & 2) make some awesome videos about Asian life & food in America. And as a halfie (Half-Filipino, Half-Black), a lot of their videos hit home in a hilarious way and super informative about other Asian cultures.

4. AJ Odudu

For those as obsessed with fitness & fashion, AJ Odudu is a vlogger based in London. She has some really great advice on eating healthy, cool workouts to try, and fashion style. During the January she filmed a “What I ate” every week. It gave me such good ideas for meals and snacks.

5. lily pebbles

I feel like I was pretty late when I discovered her videos. I only recentley started watching Lily Pebbles videos last Decemeber and have been a follow ever since. I change what brand of foundation I use because of her. And I had been using the same one for years until recently. Let me tell you she is right. I’m pretty sure most beauty bloggers watcher and if you don’t I highly recommend you do. You will have some over the seas envy to some of the products they have and we don’t.

So those are my top five channels. I do watch other things, like documentaries and Game of Thrones… But I should really branch out. What are you all watching? Anything good that I should check out?

Wardrobe Essentials: Skirts

The warm weather and sunny skies are finally sticking around up here in the PNW which typically means it’s time to show off some legs. I remember the first full sunny day on campus freshman year, there were so many bare legs up the Quad.

the denim skirt
Anthroplogie Distressed Denim Pencil Skirt – $178

the work skirt
Kate Spade Saturday Two-Tone Mini Skirt – $95.00 $66.50

the pencil skirt
ASOS High-Wasited Longerline Pencil Skirt – $40.00

the maxi skirt
BCBGMAXAZRIA – Black & White Stretch ‘Sydney’ Maxi Skirt – $60

the tweed skirt
Rebecca Taylor Zip Front Tweed Flounce Skirt – $325.00 $132.99

Sunny Days Sunglasses


The sun has been out, shining brightly the last couple of day and has been warming up the PNW. I decided it was a fine time to look for all my sunglasses. I use not to wear them when I was younger since I wore glasses and my parents weren’t concern about us not wearing them. But now that I am older, I’m a bit sensitive to bright lights.

I had a hard time finding all of them. Actually I’m still missing at least two or three. One I just now ended up finding at the bottom of my bag. Talk about lame sauce.

From the bottom I’ve got my Vogue Ombré Red Sunnies (I won them on nitro:licious a couple of years ago), some purple lens wrap arounds, Phat Farm 5051 Sunglasses, cheap white frame aviators from Target and lastly, my C9 running sunglasses. However I am missing another aviator that I got at Macy’s.

Does any else have that problem? I know it’s in this apartment somewhere! Oh, and the one I just found in my bag: neon green rayban style I got from a color run. They are super bright!