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Hey, it’s been a while. I took a break. A long break, but now I’m back. Well sort of. I’m back on my blog, but it’s officially on it’s own now and has a new design! Still working on some design issues (ie. web banner, images, footer info, etc.), but it’s mostly done!

Please check it out here: & let me know what ya think!


Packing For Portland


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June Favorites


How did it get to the end of June already! I’m not ready for July and it’s 100 degree weather. It’s hard enough to try to get through today which the highest was like 85º or so. Let just say, for those of us from the PNW, it’s pretty hot, especially when there is no wind blowing. ugh. Anyhow…

I’ve got a couple of favorites this month starting with food! Ever since I discovered the my local Fred Meyer’s started stocking Quest Nutrition Bars I now have someplace I go to regularly to some up when I run out and wait for my next online order! Now they don’t carry all my favorites flavors which is why I still order a box online (fave is oreo!), but they do have Double Chocolate Chunk and Chocolate Peanut Butter which are just as good! I like having this bars as a snack. Sometimes along, sometimes with a piece of fruit. They are high in protein and have a good balance of carbs, fiber and fat. They are a higher priced protein bar, but they are not overloaded with sugar like a lot of others out there.

I’m also been drinking Monster Energy drinks lately. I saw vlog where they were drinking it as a pre-workout and I thought I’d give it a try. Pretty good pre-workout, but I definitely drink one around my afternoon slump. Really wakes me up. So I’ve been really loving them. Especially the white. To be honest, no idea what flavor they are, if they even have a flavor…

I have two bronzer in my favorites, but only one of them I actually use as a bronzer. The Forever 21 Bronzer in tan is what I currently grabbing in my makeup routine. The shade really works well with my skin tone and easily blends in. The E.L.F. Golden Bronzer I’ve been actually using as either a highlighter or eyeshadow. The shade I picked up (and the only one they had at Target) is rather bright on my skin tone. It works so much better to highlight then bronze. Also, really good shade for a quick eyeshadow look! I’m also loving the NAR Rikugien. So much so, I’m officially out now. Guess I need to make that Sephora order pretty soon!

When I finally ran out of my InstaNatural Vitamin C, I had a bit of look around in TJ Maxx for something new. And it took about almost a month before I found one I wanted to try. I literally spent a month using those swipe on a cotton swab toners which I don’t like.  So I was so happy to finally find this one: Andalou Natural Illuminating Tone with Clementine +C. I really like the spray toner because I feel that more of the product stays on my skin!

And lastly, a new hair favorite: Hask Argan Oil form Morocco Intense Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment. Since summer has came and the air has been just dry, my hair is suffering from it! Two) since I’ve slowly lightening the overall color of my hair, moisture seems to be zapped from it! I first found this from at Walgreens but I think I also saw them in Target. They also have shampoo and conditioner, which I haven’t tried, and repairing oil serum which is very good. So I’m loving this brand. I think I might have to try their shampoo & conditioner soon, along with their Nourishing Shine Oil.

What are you guy favoriting this last month, or recently? I’d love to hear some recommendation!

Lolli and Pops


The other place we hit up at the mall was new. Lolli and Pops is this super cute candy shop located at the north end of the Alderwood Mall. They had tons of sweet treats from all around the world. When we walked in the first things we saw were the strawberry and matcha Kit-Kats from Japan. The only place I’ve seen these were at the Japanese grocery store in downtown Seattle.

I ended up find tons of Harry Potter candy and had to buy! I had the chocolate frog as my sweet treat for the day and it was good. But I was more excited to get the card inside: Professor Snape!!! Yay!

I also got the Jelly Beans: one in the Harry Potter package and the other Bean Boozled. The Harry Potter is for when H & I go visit my sister and the Bean Boozled was for the office. Which we have already tried. I got dog food. But I didn’t get it as bad as my boss’ husband: he got vomit. LOL.

I so plan on getting more of the Chocolate Frogs, because I’m a Potter-head. It’s happening!

Life Update and Daiso Haul


I feel like a horrible blogger the last couple of weeks. But sometimes you’ve got to set aside some projects to focus on slightly more important things. Me, it was preparing for the half-marathon (which was just yesterday, pictures coming), getting use to my new gym, and all the major issues/problems going on at work. Also, with all my training, once I got home all I really wanted to do was eat and catch up with some videos. Such is life.

But now the half-marathon is done and I did get a little shopping done. My friend who came with doesn’t really like clothes shopping at malls like me, so I tried to keep it quick for her. Sad, I know, but I’ll eventually go shopping soon. Just without her. Love her, but its not fun like with E or my sister.

One of the places I got to hit up was Daiso, which they totally moved in the Alderwood Mall. I was like, where??!! Ahh, where are they?!! But then we saw a sign saying the moved to the other side. Wooo. I love Daiso. They had all the home things I was looking for: small snack bags, small containters, pens, etc. But I was more excited for the beauty section since they are decent quality for the price.


I got this Santée Diamond Mascara with the kitty cap, Santée Black eyeliner and I think blush. I really had to hold back and just grab one to try. If I like them, I think I might have to take a solo trip next month.

I was more excited about these though:


FACEMASKS!! Love these and so excited that they had some new brands and formulas. Excited to try these guys out.

Hopefully blogging will return to a normal pace. I’ve got a couple of post to write about this weekend, but I’ll work on that after a quick gym trip (need to do a recovery workout after yesterday) and grocery shopping for the week ahead. Going to start a new training program to get stronger and tone the places I feel weak about on my body.

Always a work in progress. Caio for now!

Arctic Zero


I meant to have a post up yesterday, but alas things did not go as planned this weekend. If any of you follow me on Instagram (here, if you please), you may have notice that I got in my 2nd to last training run: 11 miles. It was awesome. Long, but good. What wasn’t good was the after party to which we call my very sensitive GI and lack of water. I do keep a hand water-bottle and I was able to fill it up twice during my run, but even that didn’t help the after-mass. Was pretty much stuck on the couch soothing my tummy with water and simple foods.

I did however, make a quick run to the grocery store nearby for some food. Pineapple, quick cook rice, yogurt… and then I found Arctic Zero Ice Cream! It was hot out that day and with my tummy acting the way it was I hoped it would not only help, but satisfying my chocolate ice cream craving. I’m slowly becoming more lactose intolerant and the only kind of milk products that currently do not reek havoc on me is hard cheeses and Greek yogurt.

Arctic Zero is fat-free, lactose-free, gluten-free and low glycemic. And it’s low-calorie for those dieters and fitness freaks (like myself) who occasionally want to indulge. Warning though, it doesn’t have the same kind of creamy-texture that real milk-based ice cream has. Since one of the first ingredients is whey protein concentrate, it definitely taste weird if you never had whey protein shakes.  However, if you have and not mind (like I do), it’s a great treat for a hot day!

So far I’ve only tried the Purely Chocolate, so if any of you tried the other flavors which one is the best? I want to try them all!

Run, Rest, Repeat….

150518_WeekendMay16_01Finally a weekend to myself, doing things that I wanted or needed to work on. I love weekends like these where I get a good run in and proceed to do most of the chores I neglected to work on during the week. As usual, my weekends start Friday night getting all my gear ready for a run as soon as it is light enough out Saturday Morning.

Since I’m preparing for the Rock ‘N Roll Half-Marathon next month in Seattle, Saturdays are now long run mornings proceeded by mid-morning snack and nap before eating lunch. I also use it as my cheat meal day. After burning all those calories just to get in 9-miles this last weekend (10-miles this upcoming Saturday), I was craving some Chipotle. I had originally planned on eating there, but it was super crazy even at 1pm, so I had my lunch in the car. I tried to do a little shopping, but I was started to feel a bit drained. Spent the rest of my Saturday reading and catching up on some TV.

Sunday was pretty much chore day around the apt. I always go grocery shopping early. Typically around 7:30 in the morning when most everyone else in the county are still sleeping or getting ready to go to church. Then prepped lunch for me and H since she doesn’t have time to prepare a healthy lunch.


Sunday was pretty chilled after that. Hour chat with little sister and niece. Watering my plants, my basil and mint are growing like crazy. Sorry for the lack of photos this weekend. I’m trying to get better about recording things that happens even if its slightly mundane. So, how was everyone’s weekend? Do anything fun?