1st Week

So I finished my first week of my TEFL course and it went pretty well. The Saturday before I was allowed to officially long into, I decided to order a PDF version of our required textbook rather than other a paper copy. This way I can eventually print it out myself, either slowly as I... Continue Reading →

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Begin Learning Again

So it's official. I'm enrolled in taking an online course to get my

Packing For Portland

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, but had been holding out on getting a new camera. But budget-wise, I just couldn’t justify getting one just yet. So I’ve decided while I work on saving money for all future major purchases (like a new car and digital camera), I’m going to at... Continue Reading →

Working on New Things

   I'm not gone. Just been focusing on different interests of my life more and trying to work in blogging is a bit hard. And some financing issues have came about.  I need to cut my spending quite a bit since I have decided it's time to be an adult and buy a new car.... Continue Reading →

June Favorites

How did it get to the end of June already! I'm not ready for July and it's 100 degree weather. It's hard enough to try to get through today which the highest was like 85º or so. Let just say, for those of us from the PNW, it's pretty hot, especially when there is no wind... Continue Reading →

Lolli and Pops

The other place we hit up at the mall was new. Lolli and Pops is this super cute candy shop located at the north end of the Alderwood Mall. They had tons of sweet treats from all around the world. When we walked in the first things we saw were the strawberry and matcha Kit-Kats... Continue Reading →

Life Update and Daiso Haul

I feel like a horrible blogger the last couple of weeks. But sometimes you've got to set aside some projects to focus on slightly more important things. Me, it was preparing for the half-marathon (which was just yesterday, pictures coming), getting use to my new gym, and all the major issues/problems going on at work. Also, with... Continue Reading →

Arctic Zero

I meant to have a post up yesterday, but alas things did not go as planned this weekend. If any of you follow me on Instagram (here, if you please), you may have notice that I got in my 2nd to last training run: 11 miles. It was awesome. Long, but good. What wasn't good... Continue Reading →

Run, Rest, Repeat….

Finally a weekend to myself, doing things that I wanted or needed to work on. I love weekends like these where I get a good run in and proceed to do most of the chores I neglected to work on during the week. As usual, my weekends start Friday night getting all my gear ready... Continue Reading →

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