Traveling: What’s in My Makeup bag


This upcoming weekend I heading down south to Portland, Oregon to visit my sister, brother-in-law and my niece! It’s going to be a short, but exciting weekend seeing them as it has been since last Christmas when I saw them last. As I have always done the last couple of years, I’m taking the train down. It’s easier for me just to let someone else do the “driving”. I mean, I really don’t want to spend 5+ hours on the road with other drivers.

Since I’m only going to be there for the weekend and it’s suppose to be another hot and sweaty weekend, I’m only bringing the makeup and skincare that I’m been using since it started to heat up! I switch from my L’Oreal foundation to Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Dark and since I haven’t been wearing eyeliner (it just melts off my face) I brought my new dual mascara I got at Daiso. All my makeup are easy to bring along: Rimmel eyeshadow, Forever21 bronzer & L’Oreal brow pencil.

As for my skin care, its’ the usual suspects: Sephora matte moisturizer, face serum & Maybelline matte primer. All this including my tooth brush & paste, deodorant, makeup brushes, eye-care stuff & other bits fits in my Sonia Kashuk makeup bag.

Now that I’ve got my beauty care bag pack, it’s on to my overnight bag.


Cascade Loop


This past weekend, H invited me to tag along with her and her kids (three little red heads who will hence from now on be called the minions) for a quick trip along the Cascade Loop and a visit to Leavenworth. Last time I was there with a run a half-marathon and I didn’t have the energy or time that day to wander around. I remember going back the next day, but half the shops were closed on Sunday morning and I had to start heading back to this side of the mountain by noon.

This time around, we got to check out many of the places that was closed! The candy shop to pick-up some taffy for the office, the hat store to see the funny hats, several toy stores (the minions are children), my favorite: the bookstore, and many other places! We even got ice cream. Well they got ice cream, I got sherbet.
Then we headed back on the road again to find some snow…

H’s Birthday Weekend


Last weekend we celebrated Holly’s Birthday with a trip to Seattle! It’s been so long since we’ve done that and since her kids were going to be with their dad for the long weekend, why shouldn’t we cause trouble down there!

Since we planned on going out to Capital Hill I booked a hotel as close as possible! The Mediterranean in lower Queen Anne Hill. It was a nice hotel. The room was clean and they had some good amenities. However thee was no fan in the bathroom, so taking a shower meant the mirrors fogged up! No UBS plug charger station in the room so that made it hard for me to keep my phone charged without using their computers downstairs. However, they did have a Starbucks on thee premise, the bus line is just a block away, and Dick’s & Safeway are just across the street! I would totally stay there again!

Ski to Sea


As I posted yesterday, I was up in Bellingham mainly for Ski-to-Sea Relay Event. They’ve been having this event since 1977, but back then the relay was opposite of what it is today. Instead of coming down the mountain, apparently they went up it. Crazy fools!

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Runnin’ Green


So this weekend was fun and eventful, but now I’m so super tired. Since it was after all, St. Patrick’s Day weekend! My girl Holly registered me to run a 5K up in Bellingham in the “Runnin’ O’ the Green.” Holly was suppose to run with me, but she over exerted herself and she now has shin splints.

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Traveling Lifestyle


I travel a lot. I try to take trips to Hawaii every year to see my BFF (this year might be if-y). I drive down to Portland every couple of months to spend some time with my little sister. I try to head off to a city that I never been to before.

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O Holy Flowchart

Inside the December 2012 issue
PHOTO CREDIT: @SeattleMagazine


The graphic designer in me squealed at this! Loving this flowchart of local Seattle holiday events and shows based on your moods.

Check it out here: O Holy Flowchart: A Visual Guide to Holiday Shows in Seattle