Traveling: What’s in My Makeup bag


This upcoming weekend I heading down south to Portland, Oregon to visit my sister, brother-in-law and my niece! It’s going to be a short, but exciting weekend seeing them as it has been since last Christmas when I saw them last. As I have always done the last couple of years, I’m taking the train down. It’s easier for me just to let someone else do the “driving”. I mean, I really don’t want to spend 5+ hours on the road with other drivers.

Since I’m only going to be there for the weekend and it’s suppose to be another hot and sweaty weekend, I’m only bringing the makeup and skincare that I’m been using since it started to heat up! I switch from my L’Oreal foundation to Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Dark and since I haven’t been wearing eyeliner (it just melts off my face) I brought my new dual mascara I got at Daiso. All my makeup are easy to bring along: Rimmel eyeshadow, Forever21 bronzer & L’Oreal brow pencil.

As for my skin care, its’ the usual suspects: Sephora matte moisturizer, face serum & Maybelline matte primer. All this including my tooth brush & paste, deodorant, makeup brushes, eye-care stuff & other bits fits in my Sonia Kashuk makeup bag.

Now that I’ve got my beauty care bag pack, it’s on to my overnight bag.


Birthday Day & March Haul


My birthday was pretty much what I wanted! A little workout in the morning, a bit of shopping in the afternoon and dinner with my friend and her kids (aren’t their drawings super cute!). I try not to make my birthday a big deal since I was a teen. I’ve learned to not expect to get much from my parents since my mid-twenties. My sister and BFF gifts are always great things that I never expect, but they always put off mailing them. So I’m currently waiting for two surprise packages to arrive.

So I set aside a little spending money to treat myself to goodies! Thought I did get a $20 gift certificate for participating in a online survey and phone interview. It was quite nice so I orders some bits for myself.

150403_BirthdayHaul_03I ordered myself this super cute bag which I haven’t used yet since I’m being a bit lazy to transfer the stuff in my current bag into this one. But I will. It’s the Patzino Exclusive Collection Two-Tone Small Leather Satchel Handbag. It’s so nice and quite different from all my other bags. I am a little afriad I might get the cream part dirty, so I definitely need to keep myself from doing that. It doesn’t look like it, but it’s quite large and I know it will hold all my crap!

I also ordered myself the Wayfarer Style Sunglasses by Retro Rewind and the Super Cute Strawberry Design Silicone Tea Infuser. The tea infuser was mainly cause it was cute. I have two other ones, but they are plain metal ones. This one is cute. But the sunglasses was to replace my neon green wayfarer style one I got when I ran a color run a year ago. The lenses started getting tons of scratch marks. It was finally time to replace them. I then got myself the Haruki Murakami book, 1Q84. It’s been on my reading list for years and I finally made the plunge to get myself a copy.

On my actual birthday, I made my way to ROSS and TJ Maxx. I totally forgot to take pictures of the clothing I got, But I found a really great red flannel shirt and a black see-through long-sleeve sweater. But hopefully you’ll see them in some future OOTD! I also finally grab E.L.F. Contour kit and TrueBeauty Tangle Teezer.


And then I got myself some GoT goodies. ‘Cause that’s how I roll. My GoT collection is just starting, but hell. The Khal Drogo Legacy Collection is from Target but you can get it on Amazon. However, I would recommend getting it at Target since it’s only $9.99 there (or at least when I brought him) verses the $15+ they are on Amazon. Ahh, look at little Jon Snow, who doesn’t know anything.

Hope you like this little haul of mine. Nothing like taking oneself shopping for your birthday!

What’s in my bag? Backpack Edition

150304_WhatinMyBag_01It being spring, I needed to clean out my bag. Especially since I couldn’t find my inhaler and I swore it was in there (turns out, in was in my gym bag). So I thought we’d have a quick look at my bag, or rather my backpack. Funny, I wasn’t too aware of what I had in my bag to begin with. Some, I was aware of, like my notebook. I carry this or my other notebook around all the time. To  take down notes, write out shopping lists (or any kind of list. I like making lists), or post ideas. It’s one of the first things I pull out of my bag.

Another thing I tend to keep handy are some tea bags and eating spoon. You don’t know when you are ever going to be in need of them! I don’t know how many times that spoon has saved me on road trips to Seattle.

Then I found my Forever 21 Lion Ring and Gorjana Parker Wrap Bracelet I received years ago. It’s one of my favorite bracelets.


Digging around the main compartment of my backpack I pulled out the essentials: my banged up wallet, facial tissues & first-aid mini kit. When ever I switch bags these guys have to come with. Look how awful my wallet looks. I really need to get a new one, but I’m so picky. I’ll just have to keep searching.

Then there are my office keys on a keychain I made. It’s really looking dirty, so I thing I have to make a new one. If I remember how. I try to keep a spare grocery bag just in case I forget to grab one on my way out of the house, but I always forget that it’s in there.

Then there are some gum and lunch-time vitamins. I have an alarm on my phone to remind me to take then while eating. It’s the only way I’ll remember. You should have seen how happy I was to find my USB stick. I thought I lost that weeks ago. It’s loaded with lots of post images and documents. Note the post-it with yet another book suggestion.


The last bits are the small thing in pockets in the front and side. My lip products and pens are usually stuff in the side pockets to be reachable for quick use. My charges are stuff in one of the front pockets along with the key rings full of membership card. I have way too many, but they do help with getting the best deal!

That’s pretty much it. Sort of pile of boring stuff but essential for everyday life.

Designer Handbag Wishlist


Meli Melo – Black Cervo Thela Backpace – $835

Proenza Schouler – PS1 Tiny Leather Satchel Bag – $1,475

3.1 Phillip Lim – Black Leather Small Ryder Satchel – $695

Micheal Kors – Alexis Medium Convertible Satchel – $368 $257.60

Rebecca Minkoff – Lexi Bucket – $375

Alexander McQueen – ‘Mini Padlock’ Calfskin Leather Duffel Bag – $1,345

Botkier – Logan Satchel – $298

Someday, I’ll have them all. Also, I really like black bags…

Pre-Christmas Haul

141224-RecentHauls_06So after doing the rresponsiblething on payday (paying all the bills) I started on the finishing touches to my Christmas gift shopping. Which included getting me an items or two, or more. While at the Tacoma Mall with H I got some new sweaters and a new dress for the company Christmas Dinner party. I wanted a dress that I could use later on. Last year I wore a gold glittery skirt and haven’t worn it since. Really want to, but need another party to go. I found this Faux Leather Skater Dress along with the dark grey sweater at Forever 21! The middle sweater I brought from Walmart which is crazy. Usually I never like any clothing from there and typically don’t buy them save some workout pants. I saw this and really love the style and colors. It look especially nice with my black skater skirt and boots.


I also brought some new cosmetic items: two I really needed and one, no so much. The Sonia Kashuk Cosmetic case was one I needed. I was looking for her two-tiered case, but my local Target didn’t’ have it. So I went with the single case since it has a brush holder on the top. When I packed it with all my makeup for the trip to Portland it was quite full, but I was still able to zip it up! I also needed some makeup remover, but the eye shadow by Profusion was on a holiday sale. It’s a very natural set. It goes from matte to a bit shiny, nothing too flashy!


Even though I am older, I still really like games and toys. Legos are one toy that every one, young and old, loves to play with! I so excited to see these Simpon’s Minifigures from Legos at Fred Meyer’s. I brought two: one for me and on for my BFF since I don’t believe they have a Freddy’s in Oahu. I could be wrong though.


As you can see I got Marge… I wonder what E got!


The last bits I brought was a new blue skirt, another white sweater and this mug from Starbuck’s holiday line Dot. I love coffee mugs and tea cups. It was one of two left at the Starbucks near my office. Man, as soon as those were on sale, every man, woman and child in town brought them! There was one with red stars I also wanted, but this one is still good. I’ve used it everyday now!

Tomorrow I’ll post about my Christmas haul! I didn’t get a huge haul, but I did get things I really need and I got to see my little sister and niece (and the rest of my family)! Though every time I was playing Sienna (my niece, two months old), whenever I ask “how was my favorite girl” and my sister would answer: “Oh, I’m doing alright, but should you be more concern about your niece.” Does anybody else have that problem?

My Wish List


With everything that’s going on in my life: little sister giving birth, thanksgiving, books going to press, BFF giving birth, etc. I’ve completely forgot to make my Christmas Wish List that I usually do every year. I always give it to my mom in hopes that she doesn’t buy me some horrible gifts that I have no use for and usually end up being sent off to GoodWill. Love her, but she is a horrible gift giver. This year might be a little late to send it to her. Oh, well.


I love books. I have the Kindle White that my sister brought me last Christmas, but I love having some physically books to hold and add to my growing book collection. These two (1) are some that I am looking forward to reading: Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-Up and Zoella’s Girl Online. I’ve heard lots of good reviews of both books and I am a total fan of both their vlogs, so I kind of feel that it’s a must to read and have.

I have a couple of small makeup bags in my closet, but since my makeup collection seems to be growing, I need to have larger traveling makeup bag. I really like the one/two-teir cases that Sonia Kashuk (2) has at Target. And since her designs are my taste, I really don’t care which pattern it comes in. Along with makeup accessories, I really need more (do I really?) makeup brushes. I saw Zoeva Rose Gold Lux Set (4) and totally fell for them. They are so pretty!! I’ve read great rave reviews of them, so I would love to have the set.

Any sort of running/workout wear is always on my list. Nike long running leggings are the best and the ones I saw on their website are so colorful! The ones I have pictures here (3) are the Epic Luxe Printed Leggings in Dusty Cactus. But I’m not too picky about my workout clothes as I am about my workout shoes. Reason #1 why new running shoes are not on my list. I much rather spend my own money buying the running shoes I love and work for me than have someone else. I also need new running headphones. Hilarious story, when I was downloading the picture for these (8) Yurbud Inspire 200 for Women from my wish list, a pop up showed up asking if I want to continue to link since someone might have already brought this as a gift for me. I’m pretty sure my sister brought them for me since it was the one item I requested from her.

Starting on my tech-y wants with iPhone cases (5). I am on another gold kick, so I really into the gold decorated cases. Headphones are another tech item I want, but I don’t really need. I have a pair of blue ones that I brought from Target for $5, but I think these Sony ZX Series Stereo Headphones (6) are super sleek. They are also noise-canceling.

One of the major tech items every blogger with an laptop needs: an external hard drive. I got a a couple of years ago and when I tried plugging it in recently only to find that it has completely died. Yeah. Not. Very. Happy. So I put the WD Passport for Mac 1TB Portable Hard Drive on my list. I’m pretty sure I can take the old one to a computer repair store and they might be able to repair it, but one, it’s over 4 years old and two, it was only like 500GB.

What’s on everyone wish list this Christmas season?

Anybody else still make a wish list for parents or is it just me? I’m pretty sure it’s just me…

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