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Hey, it’s been a while. I took a break. A long break, but now I’m back. Well sort of. I’m back on my blog, but it’s officially on it’s own now and has a new design! Still working on some design issues (ie. web banner, images, footer info, etc.), but it’s mostly done!

Please check it out here: & let me know what ya think!


Upgrading The Blog


So I’ve been doing so major update to the blog which you’ll probably won’t see here since this is my account. I’ve finally made the switch out of their server and took off onto a new server. You can check it out, but it’s still really basic in design and has the same posts that are currently located here.

The process is taking a bit longer than I imagined, especially since I’m a little picky about the layout. I currently have an eye on one that I really like and I’ve been sitting on it for the past two weeks. So I might as well as bit the bullet and make that purchase.

While I’m been researching layouts and add-ons, I’ve also been thinking about how I’m posting. Right now, things are a bit random. Which is fine, but I really would like to have a set schedule for certain categories. It will also be a great way for me not to feel super rushed about writing some sort of post. I’m still tweaking thing around but here is what I’m thinking;

Monday: Weekend Events Posts or Photo Collage
Wednesday: Fitness Related Post
Friday: Beauty or Skin Care Related Posts
Optional Saturday: My Week Photo Summary

Hopefully this works and keeps me motivated throughout the week to make content. Also, the way it’s spread out, I can easily put in a other posts that randomly through out the week. I was hoping to get fashion into there, but I didn’t want to have another day. Or maybe I can make Friday a Beauty, Skin Care or Fashion post day… Always thinking.

So I’m will probably start this Wednesday, so look forward towards a fitness related post!

Blog Improvements

Hey guys! So the last couple of days have a been a bit frustrating (especially last night) as I am slowly migrating my blog out of into and new server. I’m still having some problems and more than likely it’s just user error, though at the moment importing the old blog stuff into the new server is just something else. I think. Ug, but seriously.

Why did I finally decided to do this? Well, I’ve had the blog for almost four years and I felt it was time to take more control over the blog’s layout and other parts which I could not change. Leo for now, I’ll still be posting here until the updated version is ready to go. It might just be a couple of days or it might take another week. I’m just glad to finally have today to work on it more rather than spending another weekend at the office!

New Year, Time to Update


Since it almost two months into the new year, I’ve decide to do a redesign on the blog. I hoping that it will motivate me more to post more often again. There are several things that need to be updated and links to change! It might take a while and you might see weird things or layout issues if you stop by.