Upgrading The Blog

So I’ve been doing so major update to the blog which you’ll probably won’t see here since this is my wordpress.com account. I’ve finally made the switch out of their server and took islesofjane.com off onto a new server. You can check it out, but it’s still really basic in design and has the same posts... Continue Reading →


Blog Improvements

  Hey guys! So the last couple of days have a been a bit frustrating (especially last night) as I am slowly migrating my blog out of wordpress.com into WordPress.org and new server. I'm still having some problems and more than likely it's just user error, though at the moment importing the old blog stuff... Continue Reading →

New Year, Time to Update

Since it almost two months into the new year, I've decide to do a redesign on the blog. I hoping that it will motivate me more to post more often again. There are several things that need to be updated and links to change! It might take a while and you might see weird things... Continue Reading →

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