Spring FabFitFun

Even though she had told me to be on the lookout for a special subscription box coming my way for my birthday, I was surprised to see a box at my front door yesterday. I had to text her right away to see if this was what she had sent over and it was! I've... Continue Reading →


Spring Dresses: The Maxi

Since the weather had started warming up, I've been dying to wear some dresses to work. But as it is always, especially working inside and in an office, it usually cold for some and comfortable for other. Me, it usually colder then I would like. Thank goodness maxi dresses are not only comfortable, but more... Continue Reading →

Pre-Christmas Haul

So after doing the rresponsiblething on payday (paying all the bills) I started on the finishing touches to my Christmas gift shopping. Which included getting me an items or two, or more. While at the Tacoma Mall with H I got some new sweaters and a new dress for the company Christmas Dinner party. I wanted... Continue Reading →

Knead & Squeeze Birthday

It was my day yesterday! Yup, another year older and I got to wear a crown! Well, on Friday at least , when we celebrated my birthday at work! Carmelita, one of my co-workers and coolest artist I know drew me this: She's been doing it for everyone in the department this year! She got... Continue Reading →

Skool Luv Affair

Since they debut last year, BTS (or 방탄소년단, Bangtan Boys, Translation: Bulletproof Boy Scouts), they have been one of my favorite K-Pop groups.  And they recently just came out with a new mini album, Skool Luv Affair. Their title song, Boy in Luv, is about, well, about a boy in love. The song is impressive with great lyrics. I... Continue Reading →

Sweat it Out

While it use to be that I only wore them during gym class or a quick run to the grocery store, sweatshirts are now a fast staple in my closet. The last time I went clothes shopping (two months, btw) I brought two new sweatshirts from old navy: one plain black one with a hoodie... Continue Reading →

Dawg Dash 13 & Dr. Scholl’s® Active Series® Insoles

I actually had plans this past weekend that didn't involved staying home or "chaperoning" Holly as she drove her kids to see their father. Those plans were slashed due to some personal reasons… So on Saturday, after a quick trip to the gym (will write a post about that soon), I headed over to see... Continue Reading →

Turn up the music, bounce.

It's early, I know. But I've been up since about 4, and don't need to be at work till about 7 (which by the way, my office, only 3 minutes away, so I'm not in a total rush!) Since I have the time, I did my nails this morning! LOL, early morning manicure-and-nail-drying-dance session was... Continue Reading →

Finally: An OOTD

I've started pulling out my fall/winter clothes and shoes to wear. H says its too early, but dude, it's cold. That means it's time. Hair has gotten quite long. Resisting the urge to cut it. Must grow it out! Clothes: Strip Cowl Neck Sweater from Forever 21, Black Legging from H&M, and Unisa Gem Wedge Boot.... Continue Reading →

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