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June’s Fitness Hauls

IMG_456715653Had planned on working on post this weekend, which I still plan on doing, but since I have a slight headache and skip my evening cardio. Still, trying to do anything but stare at my TV screen seems to be a struggle right now. And I’m so tempted to just eat peanut butter out of the jar…

I think I mention this, but I never buy any of my fitness gear for full price. And I never stick to one brand with the exception of my running shoes. My two new clothing items are from TJ Maxx and Ross. I found the hooded sleeveless top in the junior section of Ross, California Dreams from Purple Snow. I really like using this on squat days so the bar doesn’t sit directly on my back. I got the Layer 8 Legging at TJ Maxx. I had been eyeing it for a long time. Pretty much since the end of May. So happy they still had one left in my size!


I think my greatest find this month are my new Nike trainers I got for $27 at Ross. They were hidden in the lowest shelf of the size 6 area. I love them! They really are good that the gym for keeping me balance while strength training. Best find ever! The is pretty much all I got from Ross. The sports bra by Marika Tek, another bottle shaker, SmartShaker, and Saucony socks are from TJ Maxx. I love the new shaker since I can make my pre-workout and drink that on the way to the gym and have my amino powder in the little container on the bottom really for me to mix when I’m ready!

So that’s my fitness haul from June. July is almost here and I’m so excited for the 4th of July since I am heading to visit my sister and see my niece! Also, post will be sporadic since I am on a plan where I lift in the morning and run/cardio for 30 minutes in the evening for 5 days, one full-body workout day, and then an active rest day. It’s sounds a bit intense, but I’m focus on getting fitter.

April Fashion Haul

I actually bought myself quite a bit of clothes and accessories (along with makeup and beauty products, but that’s for another post) this month. Well, more so than the last couple of months. I didn’t go very far. Just shopping in the local stores. It’s really hard to find trendy clothing up here in Skagit without driving up north to Bellingham or south to Marysville or Lynnwood.
So I most of the items are just pretty simple. One of my favorite shops that I have to hit up is TJ Maxx. I’m incredibly happy they open up a store here. I find great products that I typically wouldn’t find in any other store nearby.
I brought this 90ºDegree by Reflex snake print fitness top and the toska black 3/4 wing sleeve top. The fitness top is a great fit. It’s not tight, but does fit against the body. And the fabric is that moisture wicking, so it draws all the sweat from your body. I really love this brand and I’ve have previously brought some of their running leggings. They so good and nicely priced. This top was only $9.99.
The black top is now one of my favorites to wear to work. I sit undernearth the air conditioner, so my desk is a bit colder than the rest of the department. Wearing longer sleeve is my best way to combat from getting too cold. I love wearing this with a skirt. It’s also long enough to wear with leggings.
One weekend I ended up wandering the local “shopping center” on the edge of Skaigt River. More than likely I went to Old Navy and Ross after a coffee run in Starbucks. I found amang NY red flannel top and the mesh black top. As you may know, I’ve been searching for a long red flannel, and while it’s not the long ones I’ve been eyeing, this one works. I stumbled crossed it at Ross. It has a waist tie, but I liked it better without it. I also found Mesh Black Top. I don’t know the brand since I ripped the tag off already, but still was lucky in finding this one. I’m planning on wearing it when it get warmer here, but I love the back detail with the open loop. It will look great over a shirtsleeve dress or over tank and jeans.
The last bit are two simple tops (wow, I just notice that I didn’t buy any bottoms…) from Old Navy. I really needed a new white tank top, but I only like the ones that cross in the back. I picked up this white tank there and it’s so soft. And I love the way it slightly flares out at the bottom. It’s quite flattering. And then I found this grey thin sweatshirt in the clearance section. Again, another top I wear almost every week to work. However I’ve have to be careful and not staining it.
Finally, I only got couple new jewelry. I found both of these, the delicate geometric rings and chain-leathered wrap bracelet,  in the clearance section of Walmart. It’s right next to the makeup section, so it wasn’t very hard to not notice them. I’ve worn them everyday since.
So that’s the fashion bits I bought this month. Kind of basic. Hopefully I get to the beauty, body and hair products I got.

Spring Dresses: The Maxi


Since the weather had started warming up, I’ve been dying to wear some dresses to work. But as it is always, especially working inside and in an office, it usually cold for some and comfortable for other. Me, it usually colder then I would like. Thank goodness maxi dresses are not only comfortable, but more importantly, keeps my legs warm!

p.s. I really want the kimono maxi, but a can never keep anything white clean.

Selling Barely Used Fashion


I tried out this “Re-Sell” website called to get rid of some clothes and shoes that I only maybe wore once twice, or in the case of one shirt that still has the tag on it, never worn. It’s an online online consignment shop specializing in providing high quality like-new clothes. They have a wide range of trendy affordable brand like H&M and Gap to high fashion brands like J Brand and Michael Kors.

While I haven’t brought anything from them yet (I keep checking for a Michael Kor purse, Rebecca Minkoff bag or black ankle boots that’s been on my fashion wish list), I have tried out their re-sell program. I ordered the “polka-dot Clean Out Bag” on a Thursday and it arrived on a Saturday about a weeks later. Typically it cost around $5 to order the bag, but when I ordered mine in January, the cost was waived for a limited time.

They have a list of brands that they don’t accept to re-sell like Children’s Place, Carter’s, Garaminals, Faded Glory, Chico’s and etc. There is a “clothing calculator” where you can enter in the name brand, the type of fashion item (top, bottom, dress, shoes, etc.) and they will give you an estimate price range they’ll pay you to buy the item for. You have the option of having the items that won’t be sold be sent to a charities or thrifting companies or you can pay $12.99 Return Assurance, to have your unsold items sent back to you. I choose to have whatever won’t be sold be sent off to one of their charitable organization.

So the items I sent over were: 1 pair of Jeffery Campbell shoes, a Donna Morgan dress i brought on, tops from Forever 21, Moment & H&M, and lastly some winter accessories by Rikka I got for Christmas that I have no desire in keeping. These either been worn once or twice or haven’t been touch since I received/brought them. Just before I sent it off, I also added a couple more tops that I found in the back of my closet.

I sent the bag off which was pretty easy as it came with a mailing tag and all i had to do was drop it off at the post office! It took a couple of days to get there as I finally got an email on the 27th of February of the company receiving it. But as there were many bags before mine, it wouldn’t be processed until the 24th of March.

They were kind enough to give an update of the process, but now I would have to wait until the 29th of March to receive any payout for the stuff I sent over. However early on Saturday morning while checking my emails I saw a notice that they processed my bag. I earned a little over $25 for the shoes, two tops and the Donna Morgan dress. I’m pretty happy about that and was hoping to get at least that.

Now I can use this “cash” to pay for purchases I buy off their site or I can wait 14 days to cash out via paypal. As of yet I haven’t found any pieces I like, so I’ll continue to check the site until I find something or the 14 day are up. It’s a nice way to get rid of unwanted clothing lying around, but as I am not the type to get rid of many of my high-end fashion, it will be a while till I do this again. Have any of you guys tried sites like this?

Wardrobe Essentials: Skirts

The warm weather and sunny skies are finally sticking around up here in the PNW which typically means it’s time to show off some legs. I remember the first full sunny day on campus freshman year, there were so many bare legs up the Quad.

the denim skirt
Anthroplogie Distressed Denim Pencil Skirt – $178

the work skirt
Kate Spade Saturday Two-Tone Mini Skirt – $95.00 $66.50

the pencil skirt
ASOS High-Wasited Longerline Pencil Skirt – $40.00

the maxi skirt
BCBGMAXAZRIA – Black & White Stretch ‘Sydney’ Maxi Skirt – $60

the tweed skirt
Rebecca Taylor Zip Front Tweed Flounce Skirt – $325.00 $132.99

Fashion Inspiring Blogroll


Typically while I getting my hair done in the morning or lying in bed right before I go to sleep, I try to check up on some of my favorites blogs either to inspire my outfit for the next workday or a look I want to try. So here are my top fashion blogs:

1. She Wear K-Pop // As you know I love K-pop and watch my favorite artist videos and stage performances when I can. She Wears K-Pop put together outfits dubes from their videos, performances, airport fashion (it’s a major thing in Asia), etc. You can request songs or artist, or even a certain fashion piece that you saw in video.

2. nitro:licious // I found nitro:licious and Wendy Lam back in 2007/ 2008, and I’ve been following her since. Her fashion is more relax street-wear and she has a shoe closet I’d kill for. Especially her sneakers. OMG. I want!

3. Studded Knives // I discovered this while watching a vlogs. I can’t remember whose, but I love her style. It is so west coast and so me. And the fact that she can wear shorts right now makes me jealous. It needs to either snow or start warming up here in the PNW. Like now. I want warm weather!

4. Matt & Chanel // Fashion couple reporting in Seattle and New York! They are such a cute couple and have some really dope style!

5. Fresh Jess // Another Seattle blogger I like to check up on to see what’s happening in my favorite city. In the last couple of months she has starting posting a lot more about fitness and fitness fashion in the area. Which as you know, I love both! She also a huge Seahawks fan. SRSL.