The Basics of a Home Gym

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When I lived on the island, all I had to workout with was a treadmill. But after a couple of months of just using that and random DVD my mother had lying around, I discovered some online videos using weights. Being so new to using weight again (I used them back in high school, but only at school), I started slow and with a manageable weight. 5-lbs to be exact. Dumbbells are the easiest to find and low cost to help build your home gym. Another piece of affordable strength training equipment: the kettle-bell.

Some other handy equipment to have around, especially if you have the room, a jump-rope. Excellent way for some good cardio. You might want to get a step-bench to do some high intensity plyometric exercises like high-knee step ups or side lunges. I don’t have one since I use my old college trunk instead. It provides the same kind of height and sturdiness but without me having to buy a bench. Also, it doubles as my coffee table at the moment.

My EZ-Bar and plates I found at a garage sale. It was a great find. I think I got them all for under $25. That’s 4 10-lb plates, 2 5-lb plates, and the bar. I can do a lot of different workouts with them. Along with some of my favorite DVD likes Jillian Michaels Kickbox FastFix and Boh Harber’s Ultimate Cardio Body, working out at home is a hard as working out at the gym!

Check out this article by Northwest Pharmacy about How to Build a Budget-Friendly Home Gym!


June’s Fitness Hauls

IMG_456715653Had planned on working on post this weekend, which I still plan on doing, but since I have a slight headache and skip my evening cardio. Still, trying to do anything but stare at my TV screen seems to be a struggle right now. And I’m so tempted to just eat peanut butter out of the jar…

I think I mention this, but I never buy any of my fitness gear for full price. And I never stick to one brand with the exception of my running shoes. My two new clothing items are from TJ Maxx and Ross. I found the hooded sleeveless top in the junior section of Ross, California Dreams from Purple Snow. I really like using this on squat days so the bar doesn’t sit directly on my back. I got the Layer 8 Legging at TJ Maxx. I had been eyeing it for a long time. Pretty much since the end of May. So happy they still had one left in my size!


I think my greatest find this month are my new Nike trainers I got for $27 at Ross. They were hidden in the lowest shelf of the size 6 area. I love them! They really are good that the gym for keeping me balance while strength training. Best find ever! The is pretty much all I got from Ross. The sports bra by Marika Tek, another bottle shaker, SmartShaker, and Saucony socks are from TJ Maxx. I love the new shaker since I can make my pre-workout and drink that on the way to the gym and have my amino powder in the little container on the bottom really for me to mix when I’m ready!

So that’s my fitness haul from June. July is almost here and I’m so excited for the 4th of July since I am heading to visit my sister and see my niece! Also, post will be sporadic since I am on a plan where I lift in the morning and run/cardio for 30 minutes in the evening for 5 days, one full-body workout day, and then an active rest day. It’s sounds a bit intense, but I’m focus on getting fitter.

Long Run Prep

I know, I’m a bit behind with the weekly plan. With the holiday on Monday and switching gyms, I’ve been slightly thrown off my schedule. So I’m posting my fitness writeup today (just in time for tomorrow’s long run) and hopefully get my month’s favorite up Saturday!


Long runs are essential to runners on and off prep. When I’m not training for a half-marathon, I typically keep my long runs around 6 miles, but during prep they vary each week closer to the due date. I like to get my running gear ready the night before stacking my clothes and accessories on the table near my front door.

I have my favorite running Nike running leggings I been using for long runs and race day every since I got them. They were a pretty penny, so I don’t really know when the next time I’ll buy another. They are really great! There is a pocket in the back to stuff things like house keys, ID, and tissues. I also use my best sports bra to keep the girls at bay! I really don’t care what kind of top I wear. I usually go with a tank top since I wear a long sleeve at the beginning of my run.

Now while the clothes and shoes are important, there are the little things that really make the run easier to go through. I always put on some sunscreen half-hour before I go. All over! Try not to miss any part of the body especially the face and shoulders. I also pull my headband far back from my forehead so I don’t get a line at my hairline. Not pretty.

A fitness fanny pack is great to hold my phone and my Cliff Blocks.This one is a Nike I brought a couple of years ago. My friend thought it was funny at first until she had to run a race with very limited pockets. She now has one. I also use mine in the gym when lifting weights especially arms. Keeps my phone and keys safe and out of the way! Headphones are essential to distract you from the miles you still got to. I have Yurbuds that my sister got me last Christmas.They are easy and fit snug in my ears. Quick note: I’ve recently seen them at TJ Maxx for like 10 bucks for these women oriented ones and the originals for like $15.

I also wear my wear my Road ID that has all my emergency information like my medical condition and contact person. I never leave without that on. I got it with a discount via higi. The one thing I forgot to include in the photo, my hand water bottle. You can get one of those fancy fanny packs that have two bottle, but I always feel that it might weight me down more, and I prefer to hold it in my Nathan Handheld Water bottle.


Though I might have to get a new one since it is starting to leak water from all the jiggling during my runs.

So there are my essentials for long runs. What are your fitness essential for running? How about the gym? I’m currently trying to figure out a new workout schedule once I finish my half next month. I’m going to really focus on toning up, which means more weight training and heavier weights.

March Fitness Haul


So the best thing about doing over time at work is the extra money you get on payday. While I probably should have moved all that wasn’t going to go to bills and to buy food into my savings, I did make purchases that were essential to my well-being.

First off, my new running shoes. They are the Nike Flyknit Lunar2. I’ve needed new running shoes for ages and while I looked at several other styles they had at the Nike Outlet store, I decided to stick with my Lunar2. It’s a bit boring in color, but I made my feet very happy. And my bank account since they were on sale. Got them $50 less than the outlet price.

Then I had to hit up TJ Maxx to get a new arm band. I thought I had lost my other one at the gym. So I grab this one decided I couldn’t leave without a new pair of running leggings. These are RBX Ombré Workout Leggings. They are really nice, however, I definitely need to wear dark underwear underneath since I could see the white lettering in my VS panties. And yes, I am that random chick who checks out her tush at the gym. Don’t judge.

Then I hit up Target to grab some vitamins since I’m decided to slowly make my way to a vegetarian diet. I needed some B12 since I won’t be getting it as much as I was. While I was there I grab some earnest bars. They’re vegan, contain 5g of protein and are wheat-free! Eventually I may work myself towards a vegan diet, but baby-steps.

Did you guys do a bit of shopping this weekend? Got anything good?

New Flys


Yesterday I finally brought a new pair of running shoes! My lunarfly2 are over a year old and even after replacing the insole, all that running started to wear it out!

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PV Body, or now known as Ellie


So I literally started this new monthly subscription two weeks before they came out with the new concept. They changed from PV Body, where they sent out two pieces of fitness clothes from other fitness clothing companies to Ellie, where they offer two pieces where you choose, of their own brand.

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January Must-Have


I got my January Must Have last friday! Alas this is my last Must-Have for now. I’ve decided to cancel for a while and save a bit of money in the next couple of months. It was a really hard decision to do, but I can always sign up again. I really love the stuff they send out!!

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