The Basics of a Home Gym

When I lived on the island, all I had to workout with was a treadmill. But after a couple of months of just using that and random DVD my mother had lying around, I discovered some online videos using weights. Being so new to using weight again (I used them back in high school, but... Continue Reading →


June’s Fitness Hauls

Had planned on working on post this weekend, which I still plan on doing, but since I have a slight headache and skip my evening cardio. Still, trying to do anything but stare at my TV screen seems to be a struggle right now. And I'm so tempted to just eat peanut butter out of the... Continue Reading →

Long Run Prep

I know, I'm a bit behind with the weekly plan. With the holiday on Monday and switching gyms, I've been slightly thrown off my schedule. So I'm posting my fitness writeup today (just in time for tomorrow's long run) and hopefully get my month's favorite up Saturday! Long runs are essential to runners on and... Continue Reading →

March Fitness Haul

So the best thing about doing over time at work is the extra money you get on payday. While I probably should have moved all that wasn't going to go to bills and to buy food into my savings, I did make purchases that were essential to my well-being. First off, my new running shoes.... Continue Reading →

New Flys

Yesterday I finally brought a new pair of running shoes! My lunarfly2 are over a year old and even after replacing the insole, all that running started to wear it out! So I went to the Nike outlet store near my office to see if they had the ones I wanted in a color I... Continue Reading →

PV Body, or now known as Ellie

So I literally started this new monthly subscription two weeks before they came out with the new concept. They changed from PV Body, where they sent out two pieces of fitness clothes from other fitness clothing companies to Ellie, where they offer two pieces where you choose, of their own brand. Bright shiny pink package!!... Continue Reading →

January Must-Have

I got my January Must Have last friday! Alas this is my last Must-Have for now. I've decided to cancel for a while and save a bit of money in the next couple of months. It was a really hard decision to do, but I can always sign up again. I really love the stuff... Continue Reading →

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