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Hey, it’s been a while. I took a break. A long break, but now I’m back. Well sort of. I’m back on my blog, but it’s officially on it’s own now and has a new design! Still working on some design issues (ie. web banner, images, footer info, etc.), but it’s mostly done!

Please check it out here: & let me know what ya think!


Spring FabFitFun


Even though she had told me to be on the lookout for a special subscription box coming my way for my birthday, I was surprised to see a box at my front door yesterday. I had to text her right away to see if this was what she had sent over and it was! I’ve never gotten a FabFitFun box before, so I was quite excited!


There were so many goodies! Squeal with delight! Seriously. Included in the box for spring are:  Rifle Paper Co. Cities Coasters Set, Miracle Grow Gro-able See Pod (Came with a Sprout it App card),


Jules Smith Scarf in Watercolor, Cosmos Creations Premium Puffed Corn,



Orly Nail BB Créme and Nail Polish in ‘Cake Pop’, Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster Serum, OFRA cosmetics Brushs #11 (eyeshadow) and #20 (concealer/corrector),



Yasi Metallic Flash Tattoos, Merrithew DVD set “Intense Body Blast (and a $25 Gift Card), Vow to Be Chic Gift Card, and a Hello Fresh Gift Card.

I have to say this is an awesome subscription box, well worth the price. I know that E got a discount for this purchase, but even, you are getting a lot. I’m really excited to try the beauty and nail products. I’ll have to wait a bit, since I just painted my nails, but I might start using the serum as part my routine. I’m also going to try out Hello Fresh. I think it will be kind of fun to try a meal-kit.

What do you all like the best out of the spring 2015 box?


Project Life and Babies


When I had more time I used to scrapbook a lot. Nothing too intense, but It was a great way to organize my photo is a pretty and creative way. Now a days I really don’t have that much time and patience to do so. So when I heard about Project Life, a simple process of scrapbooking. They got a digital version, but I love having the actual pictures printed and attaching pictures and stuff to them, that I brought myself a big book and sheets.

You can start with the basics: a Core Kit, a collection of cards that can be used to add information or quotes in your album; a Album and Pocket Pages, where you put your photos and cards together. Now, there are tons of other ‘versions’ of Project Life and the connivence of this allows me to purchase different styles. I just brought a stack of cards from Walmart for $1.97 each. Same kind of idea, same kind of quality, just a hella of a lot cheaper.


Now the main reason I started this was… well I had loads of pictures. Tons. A black box full hidden in my spare room closet and I started getting more. Mostly pictures of my niece. If I didn’t mention it, I became an ‘Auntie’ last November. The same day as my dad’s birthday. He got a really great gift and she is quite possible the cutest thing ever. Other then my friends’ children. My sister send me tons of photos when she can. Living one state away is quite hard for me to visit often, so I am grateful for all the photos I can get of my niece.

I’ve also got a couple pictures of my BFF’s baby girl and of my minions. I was trying to make this album about 2015, but it’s seriously becoming an album full of baby / children photos.


But all these photos mean, I’ve got to organized them. And Project Life gives me a quick, easy way to organize my photos, display them in a creative way, and not take tons of hours out of the day to work on it. I like using stickers to add a little bit more to the photos and if I do have time, I might print out some of my favorite quotes to add in.

Sorry, my OMG, my niece is super cute. Cannot handle the cuteness.

What do you guys think? Of the album of course!

Running Training Season


When I started running a couple of years ago, I never thought I would become as addicted to running and working out as I do now. It also never crossed my mind that I would be able to run AND finish a race. My first race was for asthma and air quality research thing… I can’t remember since it was so long ago. Since then, I’ve done at least 10 5k, 2 10k and 3 half-marathons.

And I’m gearing up for my next half-marathon this year. I was planning on running the See Jane Run Half again but after much convincing (mainly from H and my sister) I’ve decided to sign up for the Rock’N’Roll Half in Seattle.


It took me a really long time and research to prepare for longer runs after my first 5k. I’ve since then have figure out a good training routine. Its always good to run at a comfortable pace and push yourself only when you are comfortable of kicking it up a bit. I like doing HIIT runs and weight lifting during the week before my longer runs on Saturday mornings.

My favorite races are the one where there are tons of fellow runners and to be honest, nice bling. Like my medals. Just looking at them make me happy and motivated to get my next one. If you guys are looking to participate in a run, but not ready to do it with mass about of people, try some virtual runs. Some like The Hogwarts Running Club doesn’t even need you to post that you’ve run but encourage you to do so. Plus all their proceeds goes to charity or organization. I signed up for the Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezer 5k and to support Dogs on Deployment, which I finished weeks ago at the gym.


So far I’ve ran the Dawg Dash 5k, Runnin’ O’ the Green 5k, Electric Run, Color Run, Whidbey Marathon 5k, Refuse to Abuse 5k (awesome run around & inside the Mariner’s stadium), Race the Reserve (in my hometown to support my high school current seniors), See Jane Run Half Mud & choclate Trail Half, Leavenworth Oktoberfest Half, Dementor’s Kiss 5K, and a couple others. I know I did a couple different “Color” runs and some smaller local ones.

I haven’t really motivated myself to try a full marathon yet. I mean, I always say I’m never going to sign up for another half after I finished one, and yet, I again sign up for my next one.


Loves, Life and… Video Games


The last couple of weekends I’ve been a bit busy. More overtime at work, hanging out with four redheads, and trying to get chores done.

::LIFE:: With the current workload, not much. Gym, work, lunch, more work, home, blog work, dinner. Pretty much how it has been going. I’ve been trying to get some me time, but it’s hard when you have so much that you want to do and work on. Sometime I just make myself go to one of the store nearby and check out makeup or nail polish. I usually only buy a little something, but that is usually enough.

::LOVES:: I spent a lot of time hanging out with my friend (H) kids. I call them my minions. It’s part of a running joke that I plan to take over the work with my horde of redheaded minions. And yes, all three have red hair. The Saturday before Easter when we went to pick them up from their dad’s I brought them some fun make you own treat from H-Mart and then we all had dinner at Red Robin’s. Then last Saturday, I took the youngest, Lukie, to play video games at Gamesworks. Basically, H and her middle child, Liv went to the ballet. It was Liv’s christmas present. And her eldest was at a sleepover, and the left Lukie. So we played video games until the ballet ended.

::VIDEO GAMES:: Which leads me back getting into gaming again. It’s actually been a while since I’ve participated in online video games. I was heavily invested in Evony until I moved home. And I just started again. This time with Stormfall: Age of War. Building homes, farming, feeding armies, attacking enemies and joining guilds. Yeah… I lead a very complex life.

The Mixed Girl Tag

The Mixed Girl Tag!


Throw-back photo from a couple years ago wearing my Philippine Soccer Adidas Jacket that my mom got me when she and dad went home. Hmm, Might have to rock this look tomorrow, that is if I can find the jacket.

1.) What are you mixed with? Filipino,  African-American and a little Spanish
2.) What ethnicity have you often been mistaken for? Jamican, occasionally Chinese-mix.
3.) Is you hair Curly or Straight? Naturally Curly.
4.) Was coming from different backgrounds challenging growing up? No, it’s no different than any other family backgrounds. We just happen to be Asian and black.
5.) Which background do embrace most? Both equally.
6.) Have you ever been teased for being different? A little, but I was defended by my other mixed friends. So it never happened after that.
7.) Have you ever been ashamed of being Multiracial? No. Never, always been proud of the fact I’m mixed.
8.) Do you feel that being Mixed has it’s benefits? Yeah, being mixed allows you to understand and meet other cultures!
9.)What makes being Multiracial a beautiful thing? Everything!
10.) Any advice to some who struggle with their Multiracial Identity? It take a while, but you’ll eventually get there. It’s not different than anybody else growing up and trying to find who they are.

Tea Time


When I was a child, I hated tea. Well at least the Lipton-crap tea that my mom alway brought and use to make us drink. I remember there were tons of other options but she always only brought that kind. There might have been some green tea whenever we made the monthly trip to the Asian food market in Seattle, but I would have never touch it.

Now I drink tea like it’s water. And I have all sorts of cups, tea strainers, and whatnots. Yes, I like coffee, typically black, but there is something about a nice cup a tea to make my day. Even as I write this I have my kettle boiling to make me a mug.

Morning I stick to some green tea. I highly recommend you buy Japanese green tea if you don’t like the store brand ones. I always find them to taste a bit grassy. I got these guys from the Korean grocery stores in Lynnwood.

The green tea granules are new to me. I thought I’d try them out and use them in some smoothies. It are quite good and taste like I just made it using actual tea leaves.


In the afternoons, I start craving black tea. We have stacks of tea at the office, but I prefer Twinings Earl Grey. At work I drink it plain, but at home a nice pour of almond milk makes it tasty! And because I don’t typically keep a bottle of almond milk at the office, but I really should. I really prefer with a bit of milk.

I don’t drink a lot of herbal tea on a regular basis. I usually keep some on hand for when I’m not feeling well or a bit off. I have a huge tin of jasmine tea from my mom which will last me for a least the rest of this year, and I’m nearly done with the Hawaiian tea E sent me for my birthday last year.

Oh, shoot. I left my tea brewing on the counter! What’s your favorite type of drink that you just spend a day without?