Traveling: What’s in My Makeup bag


This upcoming weekend I heading down south to Portland, Oregon to visit my sister, brother-in-law and my niece! It’s going to be a short, but exciting weekend seeing them as it has been since last Christmas when I saw them last. As I have always done the last couple of years, I’m taking the train down. It’s easier for me just to let someone else do the “driving”. I mean, I really don’t want to spend 5+ hours on the road with other drivers.

Since I’m only going to be there for the weekend and it’s suppose to be another hot and sweaty weekend, I’m only bringing the makeup and skincare that I’m been using since it started to heat up! I switch from my L’Oreal foundation to Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Dark and since I haven’t been wearing eyeliner (it just melts off my face) I brought my new dual mascara I got at Daiso. All my makeup are easy to bring along: Rimmel eyeshadow, Forever21 bronzer & L’Oreal brow pencil.

As for my skin care, its’ the usual suspects: Sephora matte moisturizer, face serum & Maybelline matte primer. All this including my tooth brush & paste, deodorant, makeup brushes, eye-care stuff & other bits fits in my Sonia Kashuk makeup bag.

Now that I’ve got my beauty care bag pack, it’s on to my overnight bag.


F21 Mini Haul

150623_F21MiniHaul You know when you set your mind to do a bit of shopping and you are all excited to find some great purchases only to come home with one small bag. Yeah, that is how my weekend shopping went. I headed up north to the ‘better’ mall to get my dad some new shoes for Father’s Day, which I found at Macy’s. Then I hit up every other shop looking for loads of clothes that were on my to get list. And that was a fail. But I did find some things to treat myself. I went in to Forever 21 looking for some new workout clothes, but they didn’t have any at that store. Sad, but I did find some new sunglasses with mirror lenses I’ve been wanting since seeing lots of other bloggers post about them. I love these guys! I was originally planning on purchasing a white sleeveless shirt dress but I knew I would able to use this one-side slit skirt at work and out. I kind of regret not getting the shirt dress, so hopefully they have it still in stock next weekend when I over there. And lastly, I grabbed their bronzer in tan. It’s really nice and I get a lot more powder on my brush compared to the E.L.F. one I have almost used up. I think I’ll probably be done with this one within the next month. That’s my mini haul from Forever 21. I did get some ‘fitness’ oriented gear the last couple of weeks so I’ll be doing a haul for that soon! I got some really good deals on my new gym gear!! How’s was everyone’s weekend? Do any shopping?

Life Update and Daiso Haul


I feel like a horrible blogger the last couple of weeks. But sometimes you’ve got to set aside some projects to focus on slightly more important things. Me, it was preparing for the half-marathon (which was just yesterday, pictures coming), getting use to my new gym, and all the major issues/problems going on at work. Also, with all my training, once I got home all I really wanted to do was eat and catch up with some videos. Such is life.

But now the half-marathon is done and I did get a little shopping done. My friend who came with doesn’t really like clothes shopping at malls like me, so I tried to keep it quick for her. Sad, I know, but I’ll eventually go shopping soon. Just without her. Love her, but its not fun like with E or my sister.

One of the places I got to hit up was Daiso, which they totally moved in the Alderwood Mall. I was like, where??!! Ahh, where are they?!! But then we saw a sign saying the moved to the other side. Wooo. I love Daiso. They had all the home things I was looking for: small snack bags, small containters, pens, etc. But I was more excited for the beauty section since they are decent quality for the price.


I got this Santée Diamond Mascara with the kitty cap, Santée Black eyeliner and I think blush. I really had to hold back and just grab one to try. If I like them, I think I might have to take a solo trip next month.

I was more excited about these though:


FACEMASKS!! Love these and so excited that they had some new brands and formulas. Excited to try these guys out.

Hopefully blogging will return to a normal pace. I’ve got a couple of post to write about this weekend, but I’ll work on that after a quick gym trip (need to do a recovery workout after yesterday) and grocery shopping for the week ahead. Going to start a new training program to get stronger and tone the places I feel weak about on my body.

Always a work in progress. Caio for now!

L’Oreal La Palette Nude 2 Swatchs & Review

Every since I’ve gotten the L’Oreal Color Riche La Palette Nude 2 late last month, I’ve haven’t used any of my other palettes. Like I’m so obsessed with it! Containing 3 shadow finishes: shimmery satin, smooth matte, and slightly sheen, they are rich and easy to blend.

It come with a double sided applicator: one being that of typical sponge and the other being an actual brush. I have yet to use them as I already have shadow brush sets I like using more. But I think it will be more convenient when traveling so you don’t have to carry additional brushes.

I try not to spend a lot on shadows, but this one is well worth the price. While the nude palette I love from Profusion is great, I don’t actually use all the shades like I do with L’Oreal’s. I even love the how they have four different ways to wear them.
I decided to try out look number 1: Glamour Underoe (I think, I can’t really tell what those last letters are…) and I think it looks quite nice for a day look. But with this many shades, there are just so many styles to try!
The palette retails for $15.84 at Walmart (which is where I brought mine) but I’ve seen online they are going for about $20. If you can, definitely go to Walmart to get it cheaper. I highly recommend that if you don’t want to or can’t convince yourself to buy some of the higher end nude palettes, then go get this one. It is so smooth, silky consistency and it says on all day. I didn’t see any creases on my eyelids at the end of the day. I’m so happy I brought it!
Did any of you guys get the Nude 1 or Nude 2? What do you think of them?

April Beauty & Body Care Haul

Looking at this pile, I kind of think it might be a bit much. Typically I buy what I need and then maybe treat myself to one or two fun item. However, I was definitely gave in to makeup temptation.
I did do some repurchases like the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation in Soft Sable and the Afaffia African Black Soap in Vanilla Almond. I really love this stuff. It such a multipurpose soap product. I use it not only to wash up with, I love using it as my face wash, shaving soap and, when I need to, wash my hair. I used the peppermint one last time, but I really love the smell of the vanilla almond. It smells so nice!
I was really feeling spring this very spring-like recently so I brought these pastel nail polish. You probably already know that I’ve been loving Rimmel London 60 Second Nail Polish in Sweet Lavender. Don’t ask why the Covergirl polish is there, I grab the wrong one. It was suppose to be another polish, but I couldn’t find it. Drup. Then I also brought this Conditioning Cleanser by Salon Graix. I think it suppose to be similar to the Wen Conditioning Cleansers. I’ve used it once and it pretty good. Though I feel like I have to use more of this stuff than the Wen. It also could be its in a smaller bottle.
How I ended up with two mascaras is beyond me. I grab the Rimmel London Glam’Eyes earlier in the month. While I like the coverage, I’m not too much of a fan of the plastic bristles. Two side are a bit longer than the other two which I think is suppose to make the lashes look longer. So I brought the Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara, which has the brush like wand instead. I’ll probably use both, but Maybelline has always been my go-to for mascara, so I’ll probably use that more.
I also got myself L’Oreal La Palette Nude 2 which I plan on posting a review on, but it’s good. Sticking with the eye products, my most disappointing product is the essence eyeliner pen. When I wear eye I like a nice thick, dark line and this one just doesn’t do it for me. I had to layer it on.
The last bits are the E.L.F. contouring palette and L’Oreal Project Runway Limited Edition Blush in The Muse’s Blush. I haven’t tried the blush yet, as I just brought it yesterday, but I have been using the contouring palette. It’s pretty good, but I haven’t tried any other to compare it to, so, yeah.
So that it’s for April’s makeup purchases. And since I feel like I spent too much on makeup, I’m probably not going to buy any in May. What goodies did you all get yourself?

NARS Birthday Gift from Sephora


As you know, I’m not much of a lipstick girl, but I’m trying. Since I’ve never tried the NARS lip pencils, I am really excited that I got these two a couple of weeks ago as part of the Sephora Insider Program. And you can be proud, I’ve actually used them! Most the nude shade, Rikugien. It has a bit of satin finish and it has become my everyday / work day lip color. It’s such a great color on my lips. I really enjoy nude colors that have a bit of shine.

150408_NARSBdayGift_02The other shade is Cruella, a matte lip pencil. It’s a really deep red that really makes the lips pop. I’ve only worn it twice (when I went shopping in Seattle), but the color stays! I had to really rub hard to remove the color off my lips. It’s definitely a longer wearing shade than the nude.


Both have a good creamy texture that when on my lip smoothly! Cruella, since it is a matte lip color, definitely dried out my lips. The two time I wore it out, I made sure to keep one my more reddish gloss with me. Definitely helped with keeping my lips from cracking.

Overall, I’m really happy to get these goodies! It such shades to add to my ever-growing make-up collection, but I just know I’m going to use the Rikugien shade more and run out of it sooner!

Birthday Day & March Haul


My birthday was pretty much what I wanted! A little workout in the morning, a bit of shopping in the afternoon and dinner with my friend and her kids (aren’t their drawings super cute!). I try not to make my birthday a big deal since I was a teen. I’ve learned to not expect to get much from my parents since my mid-twenties. My sister and BFF gifts are always great things that I never expect, but they always put off mailing them. So I’m currently waiting for two surprise packages to arrive.

So I set aside a little spending money to treat myself to goodies! Thought I did get a $20 gift certificate for participating in a online survey and phone interview. It was quite nice so I orders some bits for myself.

150403_BirthdayHaul_03I ordered myself this super cute bag which I haven’t used yet since I’m being a bit lazy to transfer the stuff in my current bag into this one. But I will. It’s the Patzino Exclusive Collection Two-Tone Small Leather Satchel Handbag. It’s so nice and quite different from all my other bags. I am a little afriad I might get the cream part dirty, so I definitely need to keep myself from doing that. It doesn’t look like it, but it’s quite large and I know it will hold all my crap!

I also ordered myself the Wayfarer Style Sunglasses by Retro Rewind and the Super Cute Strawberry Design Silicone Tea Infuser. The tea infuser was mainly cause it was cute. I have two other ones, but they are plain metal ones. This one is cute. But the sunglasses was to replace my neon green wayfarer style one I got when I ran a color run a year ago. The lenses started getting tons of scratch marks. It was finally time to replace them. I then got myself the Haruki Murakami book, 1Q84. It’s been on my reading list for years and I finally made the plunge to get myself a copy.

On my actual birthday, I made my way to ROSS and TJ Maxx. I totally forgot to take pictures of the clothing I got, But I found a really great red flannel shirt and a black see-through long-sleeve sweater. But hopefully you’ll see them in some future OOTD! I also finally grab E.L.F. Contour kit and TrueBeauty Tangle Teezer.


And then I got myself some GoT goodies. ‘Cause that’s how I roll. My GoT collection is just starting, but hell. The Khal Drogo Legacy Collection is from Target but you can get it on Amazon. However, I would recommend getting it at Target since it’s only $9.99 there (or at least when I brought him) verses the $15+ they are on Amazon. Ahh, look at little Jon Snow, who doesn’t know anything.

Hope you like this little haul of mine. Nothing like taking oneself shopping for your birthday!