Full-Body Circuit

My new gym is really great! I love that I am to use all the equipment they have to offer and everyone is polite. One of my favorite full body workouts I got from watching an old Nikki Blackketter video. I think it’s an older one… or one that was made early this year. I... Continue Reading →


Happy National Running Day

It's national running day and hope you all got (or will be) getting a good run in! It was raining this morning, so my run was done indoors, but if you can handle it, go outside!! But if you have to get your run inside like me here's a good 40-minute. Start off with a... Continue Reading →

It’s Legs Day

I workout around 5 in morning, so my gym is not typically crowded that early. Usually there are just a couple of us, most using the cardio machine or taking morning cycle class. So the fight to use the weight machine in minimum. My favorite and preferred way to start my week is with 30-40... Continue Reading →

Running Training Season

When I started running a couple of years ago, I never thought I would become as addicted to running and working out as I do now. It also never crossed my mind that I would be able to run AND finish a race. My first race was for asthma and air quality research thing... I can't... Continue Reading →

Full-Body Dumbbell Workout

Most days I up early and hitting the gym before work. And then occasionally I wake up, hit the snooze and think I'll just shut my eyes for 5 minutes. Which then end ups being 1 hour. By then, it's way too late to get ready to workout, hit the gym and come back without... Continue Reading →

40-Minute Interval Treadmill Run

Yesterday a co-worker asked if I lost some weight, which surprised me since the scale hasn't moved much since last week. I guess reworking my fitness routine is helping a lot. I really also need to rework my meals, but that requires a little more thought and research. I have, though, stopped eating dairy. And I... Continue Reading →

What’s in My Gym Bag!

The gym bag. My most dedicated bag I have. I got my current bag ages ago at the stadium flea market in Hawaii. I had originally planned on using it as my weekend / carry-on bag, but alas, it has become my gym bag. And approximately 6 days a week it is with me to... Continue Reading →

At Home Dumbbell Workout

I'm a total gymrat! I'm usually there everyday right after I get off work and I'm there for an hour or more.  Especially when I'm training for a race like a 10k or half-marathon, but there are times when running outside or just being at home is more appealing. Since for the longest time I... Continue Reading →

Long Awaited Update

So I've haven't been on for a long time. Almost three weeks, but forgive me. My friend doesn't have internet at her house (I know, I know. She uses her phone for everything and always renting DVDs), which makes it kind of hard to post updates. I'll try to do better this week... ...But I... Continue Reading →

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