Hello and Welcome to Isles of Jane.
My name is Leslie Jane (yes, I have two first names) and I started this blog when I returned home on Whidbey Island to take a part-time position at a local publication. Since it was only part-time and I was a little far (1-hr drive including 20 minutes ferry ride) from Seattle, I had more time on my hand. So I started some life changing hobbies including running and blogging. Still about an hour away from Seattle (but at least I’m only a 5 minute drive to Target), I now blog from Burlington, Washington.
This blog is  a third about fashion & beauty, a third about art & graphic design, and a third about travel & lifestyle blog. All major influences in my life. That and K-pop.
Here’s a bit of what you’ll see..
Beauty and Makeup reviews  • Outfit Inspirations/Style
Fitness Gear and Running Events
Fun Fashion related posts • Current Obsessions • Home Decor
Lifestyles • DIY Projects • Random Thoughts and Inspirations

Blogging is a constantly evolving creation and these ideas are subject to change with it.


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